22 thoughts on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: That Worthless Mail-Order “Move Things With Your Mind Like a Jedi Knight” Booklet Doesn’t Work At All

  1. Hi Dennis! Thanks for visiting our blog.

    I am only just starting out on this training thing so I don’;t think I am (yet!) qualified to dish out advice, but stay tuned, or rather tune in trouble!

    Yoru Pal,


  2. firstly, i have to say (cheekily) if your title is as long as a post, it doesn’t count as wordless wednesday, heee heee heeee

    Jim says: Hmm, I hadn’t considered that!

    and secondly, go on, help yourself, by now i’d have fed it to you sweet thang!


  3. That title had me giggling. What is keeping Tucker from grabbing that food…it looks so good!

    Dennis says: that wood be dada sitting in the chair nekst to him ha ha ok bye


  4. Oh Noes!!! pfft just climb on up and get it!! I do!! hehe

    What is it that is in the bowl anyway?? A bowl of dressing with salad?
    How can your Momma and Dadda stay so fit?… do not worry my Momma just wishes she could eat stuff like that too! 😛 haha



  5. Hey Tucker, You needed Uncle Tony’s “Move things with your paw just like a Common Dog” booklet instead. Only $500 & you can pay when Dennis gets the money from the African bankers. But wait order today & get a free set of steak knives. It’s the only piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever need.


  6. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like a very good booklet. I am working on the booklet: Climb on your mom’s lap so you can reach the food on the table.



  7. Hey Tucker that booklet wuz mislabeled cause it appears to have teached you the art of Pathetik Face. And yer Pathetik Face looks pretty good in the pitcher but you wuz jest aiming it wrong. Next time you gots to point it at yer Daddy! A good Pathetik Face will even crumble my Mummys hart of stone so yer Daddy hasnt got a chance trust me. I guess it is kinda like a Jedi mind trick anyways so I reckon you wasnt scammed too bad.

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. I think this is the same book our Vizsla friend Misty read, she never got it to work either, but her Aunt Georgina did! She was master of the missing food all her life… 😉


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