18 thoughts on “exit … howse left

  1. Dennis, Its a good thing you took care of the monsters and stuff before you took up rescidence in your crate. I was just wondering if there was a reason you have decided to uh, um, hang out in your crate?


  2. Sounds like a bullet-proof door you have in your crate. Or is it like prison bars? Is there a basement as well? Good you destroyed the eggs. Between the pillow monsters and the ninja hedgehogs, you are a busy lad.


  3. Hai Dennis! I likes my crate too! I has found dat if mom and dad won’t let me on da bed, I just sleep in there. Besides I hide my secret stash of cookies in there!!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Dennis
    Hope the wesults of youw hawd destwuction wowk awe appweciated!
    Thanks fow coming to visit me..guess what..Mommi is Hungawian, so weally knows how to pwonounce Vizsla..how cool is that?
    You’we vewy handsome
    smoochie kisses


  5. hay denis hay denis! ok anok i fink u haf dun a gud job bout thoz monsturs an egz an stuff at ur howze. but now i am wurreed cuz i got feededed egz this mornin an so now wil i git monsturz or aleeanz or sumfink?!? inside ov me?? i doan no! do u??
    i hope not.
    hi 5s

    Dennis says: hello scooter hay if they wer just reglar old wite or brown eggs in a shel then yoo shud be fine howevr if they wer green or weerd or spiny or had funny legs sticking owt of them then yoo mite be in trouble but not trouble the kitty ha ha ok bye


  6. Job well done Dennis now jest one more peril ahead… the misunderstanding what always occurs between dawgs and their Mummys and Daddys after justiss has been served!


  7. Hay Dennis itz good yoo kild da pilo monsta, day ar evool fings. I had mi ferst nite wivout bein in mi krayt larst nite & didnt wee wee on da flor. Mumee & Dadee wer vewy pleezd wiv me & bein kraytless orl nite woz so good


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