awardie weekend!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav gottin a kuple of awards frum my gud frends reesently and so i wood like to shayr them with yoo so heer they ar:

first i hav gottin the luvly and artsy maree antwonet award frum my gud frend shadow:


now this award is subtiteld let them eet kayk so dada i hope yoo ar lissening to shadow and wil be giving me my kayk soon i like kayk wot taysts like liverwurst or hot dogs and with cheez frosting mmmmmm cheez

nekst i hav gottin the i luv yore blog award frum my gud frend kathryn hoo wuz wun of my first frends evr on the internets:

thank yoo kathryn i hart yore blog too hope to see yoo arownd more soon!!!

yoozing the power of the internet i wood like to pass theez awards on to my gud frends as followz!!!  first the artsy maree antwonet award to:

and then the i hart yore blog award to:

thanks evrybuddy for reeding all abowt my adventchoors i hope to keep seeing yoo all come arownd even tho i am bak on erth now ha ha ok bye

16 thoughts on “awardie weekend!

  1. Hi Dennis….You guys are in oceanside-we’ve driven thru Oceanside a bunch of times heading down to San DIego and Escondido!! How cool.

    Mom and I can’t believe you can see the smoke from all the fires up here-but then again we can. It’s HORRIBLE up here right now!! We’ve had to close all the windows because even where we are, Palos Verdes, the smoke has travelled here and you walk outside and it’s kinda orange and smells like smoke! It’s horrible!!

    We sure do hope the winds change and the fires stop soon! Way too many people and animals have lost their homes!!



  2. daisydog says:

    Those are very nice awards Dennis!!! Congratulations! Better stay away from Trouble the kitty, cuz it seems taht she is always making you go on adventures!


  3. Well done on your awards Dennis! 🙂 Misty the Vizsla wanted me to tell you she killed a cushion this past weekend and she’s just over 15 yrs old, so you’ve many years of cushion killing ahead! 😉


  4. hay dennis hay dennis! ok anok u gotteded lotz ov nice wardz! an we haf won fur u ofer at owr bloggy.
    so far i doan haf enie fings cumin owt ov mi stumak frum thoz eggz. thas gud, hu? ok anok
    i haf a hat tu. mi cowboy hat. haf u seed it?
    hi 5s


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