dawn of the turkee neks

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that at thanksgiving peepul like to eet turkees and i hav also herd that theez turkeez havnt got heds ennymore wel gess wot that meens yes thats rite that meens sinse they dont hav there heds ennymore they dont need neks!!!!

mmmm yummy turkee neks ha ha mama way to body chek tucker thats rite tucker yoo stay away from my turkee nek!!!  oh hey mama by the way nice soks

ha ha yes thank yoo for the inayn commentary dada turkeez do hav big neks dont they??? yoo ar a master of the obvius oh and why are yoo asking me wot i hav got wen yoo gayv it to me??? i think dada has erly onset oldtimers diseez or sumthing

This video doesn’t exist

why do yoo keep asking me wot ive got??? do yoo want sum or sumthing??? go git yore own turkee nek dada!!!


and yes for the record it is gud thank yoo verry much ok yoo can hav a bite if yoo want wun — psych!!!! ha ha

hay tucker how is yore turkee nek??? dada wants to no if its gud i think he wants a bite!!!


tucker? tucker??? hay tucker?!?!?!! hmm he seems to hav gawn def

hay trixie how is yores??? do yoo want to shayr sum with dada??? trixie????


hmm i think we hav konkloosiv pruf heer that turkee neks mayk dogs def i smel a lawsoot!!!!  well ennyway sorry dada i dont think ennywun is going to shayr there turkee neks with yoo

This video doesn’t exist

eet yore hart owt george romero we can do owr own nasty gross speshul effekts withowt enny budget and withowt even assistanse frum tom savini ha ha ok bye

25 thoughts on “dawn of the turkee neks

  1. Chase says, you are one lucky dog, Dennis. My mom only gives us chicken and duck necks. The turkey necks look lots bigger.



  2. Are you telling me I can EATS thangs like that!? Ohmigosh you are right these thangs will cause a lawsoot but it is cause I am being deprived of my rights as a dawg to eat thangs like this! What is wrong with my Mummy?? I am being treeted like a second-class dawg here!


  3. Yes…love those socks…I thought they were shoes!

    Did you have to buy three turkeys to get those necks? I think Sissy, Jonesy and Tinky would be able to eat chicken necks.


  4. I’ve heard so many yummy things about them!

    Now I KNOW I’ll have to get my mom to get some fur me!

    A furiend of my mom had the furry furst vizlas Mom ever enkhountered – Molly and Maggie (Maggie was one of Molly’s pups that Judy kept)!

    Thanks fur visiting!



  5. You sure have good parents to give you turkey necks Dennis. That’s so sweet of mom to hold it for Tucker. He is old you know!

    Jim says: That’s for sure — I wouldn’t hold one of those things for him! Yuck!

    Dennis says: hello gina i think dada is just having sowr grayps ha ha ok bye


  6. haha You guys were sure enjoying themz turkey necks!! They is so good for your teefs too! clean clean clean hehe
    You Momma and dadda are so funny… they talk with the “special” voice just like my Momma and dadda do when they are talking to us.. what is it with hommans… hehe
    Oh well at least Momma thinks they iz sweet, I guess I does too! haha



  7. haydennis hay dennis. mom sededed i tol u tu cum tu owr bloggy fur ur ward tu soon. on yesterdaz sted o tudaz. whutefer. ok anok
    ware did they git thoz nekz?? du thay reelee mak u def?? KIN U HEER MEE DENNIS?????? HOPIN UR HEERIN HAZ CUM BAK!!! OK ANOK
    HI 5S


  8. Mom says turkey necks are doggie floss for our teeth! So crunch up it will save you a trip to the doggie dentist. Now get mom/dad to get you cornish hens or just buy whole fryer chickens when they are on sale and chop them up — YUM!

    Mom also never lets us eat raw unsupervised. Once I didn’t chew my turkey neck good enough and it got stuck. Mom fished it out of my mouth and told me to chew my food better.


  9. Second attempt at commenting! The first one was really clever and witty (seriously!) but then some rogue button jumped out of the keyboard at one of my fingers and deleted the lot! How rude!!! So I went into one and watched some telly in between scowling at my laptop and trying (to no avail) to figure out what happened. Duhr! Anyhoo, I don’t think your bones are responsible for the World Recession, or your turkey necks either, lol!!! 🙂 xxx


  10. P.S. I’ve been reading back and discovered Nanny Goats in Panties. Oh. My. Dog. Cat. Goat. How can you do this to me? I already have 2,511,754 blogs that I love to read… ::Sigh:: 🙂 xxx

    P.P.S. Have a bone on me:-) oxo


  11. Hi Dennis,

    You know your aunt LeeAnne is going to be awfully jealous of you getting to gnaw on raw turkey necks!

    Dennis says: hello unkel john hay i am glad to heer their is another turkee nek conossoor arownd!!! ok bye


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