The Kingdom of the Gophers

Now that I have finally returned to the Archeology Department after my long sojourn in deep space, I am at last able to return to my primary mission of ferreting out ancient secrets and uncovering hidden civilizations. My first task upon my return is to resume my long-idle quest to find the subterranean kingdom of the gophers, accompanied by my new graduate student assistant, a young tough named, appropriately enough, Mutt.

Using maps obtained from an informant knowledgeable in the ways of gophers, Mutt and I make quick progress, and before long are within reach of our goal. I notice that Mutt seems to regard me with a sense of awe. I am told that he was assigned to my office just after I left in search of the Kong of the Titans; surely he has heard tales of my adventures as he awaited my return. I wonder what he is thinking, to finally be on a mission with me.

Following the directions laid out in our documents, we proceed deeper and deeper into the gopher tunnels; but as we come into site of their vast underground city, Mutt makes a startling observation:

We are quickly surrounded and brought before the meerkat king and queen, where we learn that our maps omitted a crucial detail.

Unfortunately, I have recently learned that I am still wanted in Albuquerque, as the district attorney has decided to charge me as a human in the gold card incident. If we want to reach the kingdom of the gophers, we will have to find a way that does not pass through Albuquerque; or, perhaps, I will need to don an even more impenetrable disguise than usual. But I will find a way; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

Meanwhile …

14 thoughts on “The Kingdom of the Gophers

  1. Is there an adventures about the pirahna brothers that we missed? Oh and mom says that she wants you to stop making her snort coffee through her nose on saturday mornings from laughing so hard!

    Dennis says: hello daisy dog wen the departmint sekretary wuz writing up that part of my adventcher he sed sumthing abowt their not beeing enuf pikchers of the piranha brothers to do a story abowt them i am not shoor wot that has to do with ennything but ennyway no it tenrd owt the piranha brothers had sold the kong of the titans to sum mobsters before i kawt up with them so i hav yet to meet them altho dinsdales hedjhog seems to like to follo me arownd ok bye


  2. If you must come back to Albuquerque, Dennis, call me. We’ll file a waiver of arraignment and go from there. I have great experience representing those who misrepresented ownership of gold cards.

    Dennis says: hello penni hay thank yoo verry much for yore kind offer i wil be shoor to giv yoo a call if the coppers in albakerkee bust me agin!!!


  3. hahaha OH NOES Dennis do not get mixed up with King and Queen EMO!
    haha I loved you in your exploring suit! I think it suits you. It would have been so cool to run into the King and Queen Meerkat!
    I think I know your problem, your partner Mutt.. he looks a bit Emo’ey and whiny.. these people always hold you back Dennis!



  4. Dennis if you didn’t dress like a human, maybe you wouldn’t be a wanted
    The first pic had me lol! hehe
    Finally a story on meercats!!!! Every time Cliff and I go to the zoo, it’s the first place we head and stay there quite a while. They are so cute. I have a picture of ours I’ll have to post.


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