The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

So here’s a little ditty that, unlike most of the tunes I serenade (read: torture) the animals with, cannot be sung to the cat. (Well, I guess it could, but it would lose a little something if “dog” were changed to “cat”.)

This is to the tune of “God-Shaped Hole” by Plumb, which you may have heard on the Bruce Almighty soundtrack. If not, here’s a brief clip to give you an idea how it goes.  (This clip doesn’t cover all of the, um, “improved” lyrics, because I wanted to keep it under 30 seconds.  You can hear the whole thing at if you’re interested.)

And now, I present the “Dog-Shaped Hole” song:

“Dog-Shaped Hole”

Every puppy wants some lap time
And every lap should have a puppy
To help to keep it warm
That’s the way I see it

You can tell them not to dump the garbage
You can tell them not to shred their stuffies
And that stealing’s bad
But they don’t believe it

There’s a dog-shaped hole
In all of us
And a restless pup is whining

There’s a dog-shaped hole
In all of us
And it’s a void
Only they can fill …

14 thoughts on “The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

  1. Awww. Very cute! Mom is gonna have to learn that song so she can sing it to us. I told her to down load it onto her ipod, silly mom she can’t figure anything out!


  2. I thinks this is somethang of an improvment. I have herd the original frum my Daddy shudder shudder as he has seen that moovee kwite a lot. Wile singing he mite have been squeezing me or trying to makes me dance or sumthang but I have blokked that humiliashun frum my mind. Let us never speak of this agin.


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