The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

So here’s a little ditty that, unlike most of the tunes I serenade (read: torture) the animals with, cannot be sung to the cat. (Well, I guess it could, but it would lose a little something if “dog” were changed to “cat”.)

This is to the tune of “God-Shaped Hole” by Plumb, which you may have heard on the Bruce Almighty soundtrack. If not, here’s a brief clip to give you an idea how it goes.  (This clip doesn’t cover all of the, um, “improved” lyrics, because I wanted to keep it under 30 seconds.  You can hear the whole thing at if you’re interested.)

And now, I present the “Dog-Shaped Hole” song:

“Dog-Shaped Hole”

Every puppy wants some lap time
And every lap should have a puppy
To help to keep it warm
That’s the way I see it

You can tell them not to dump the garbage
You can tell them not to shred their stuffies
And that stealing’s bad
But they don’t believe it

There’s a dog-shaped hole
In all of us
And a restless pup is whining

There’s a dog-shaped hole
In all of us
And it’s a void
Only they can fill …

14 Comments on “The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

  1. how can you say torture?!?!?! i love your lyrics BEST!!!!!

    Jim says: Thanks! But you haven’t actually heard me sing … 😉


  2. I had not heard of this song, but you know, it strikes me that both sets of lyrics are true…


  3. Awww. Very cute! Mom is gonna have to learn that song so she can sing it to us. I told her to down load it onto her ipod, silly mom she can’t figure anything out!


  4. I thinks this is somethang of an improvment. I have herd the original frum my Daddy shudder shudder as he has seen that moovee kwite a lot. Wile singing he mite have been squeezing me or trying to makes me dance or sumthang but I have blokked that humiliashun frum my mind. Let us never speak of this agin.


  5. “The band of Orcs was defeated. Aragorn carefully wiped Andogil on the long grass before setting the ancient elven cookie cutter back in its sheath…”


  6. Very cool lyrics. We approve! Now until we actually hear you sing Jim, we won’t be able to comment on how your singing them to Dennis might affect him….
    Sunny,Scooter & Jamie


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