Wordless Wednesday: And For My Next Impression … Half Bunny, Half Mickey Mouse!

27 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: And For My Next Impression … Half Bunny, Half Mickey Mouse!

  1. wow your human really puts you through the works for a simple game of fetch. you should be called dennis the army ranger dog.


  2. Woo Hoo Lookit you go! How funz! I like going over jumps too but lately my aunt Laurie has been on the other end and I’ve been running away from her! Why is a secret and I won’t tell!


  3. Woohoo! Dennis has changed his name to Dumbo! Do you get good reception with those ears? Watch out, a strong wind and you’ll be “ear borne.” Haha! I crack myself up. Clover and Cosmo want me to stop now. Love ya Dennis, even if you do resemble the Flying Nun again!



    There you go makin’ me giggle and smile again, Dennis…

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Adorkable Grrl


  5. hay dennis hay dennis! ok anok. u akshully do luk like mikkee mowse an a bunnee togever! cool. watz a impreshun? i dunno, but u mus be hafin fun. ok anok. i fink i need a snak
    hi 5s


  6. oooopz i forgeteded. happee fanksgifing! i hopez u an me tu gitz turkees tumorow!
    now sunny sez let hur tawk. bi bi dennis! frum scooter
    Hi Dennis, I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow> Like Scooter, I hope we all get a bite of turkey!
    Sunny &Jamie(the mom who is now forced to actually cook…aaacckk)


  7. Your ears almost look as good as mine in that photo Dennis! 😉

    Celebrating my 3rd Gottcha Day in style! 🙂


  8. or… TOTALLY GOOFY!! hehhehehhahahha I crack myself up.. yeah yeah I know I only crack ME up.. haha
    I was just playing Dennis, you know you might look like a Goofy but for a woofie you is a Tweety! 🙂



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