happy tanksgiving!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i just wanted to wish evrybuddy a happy tanksgiving this is my secund tanksgiving heer in my new howse with mama and dada and trixie and tucker and trouble and wile last yeer i didnt kwite git the hole tanksgiving thing this yeer i no wot tanksgiving is reely abowt it is abowt gitting together with yore luvd wuns and driving arownd in hevvy artilry

as yoo can see i am verry verry tankful indeed and — wot??? oh dada sez that tanksgiving isnt reely abowt driving arownd in armord veehikuls he is jabbering on abowt pilgrims and turkees and yada yada yada okay dada my bad heer is a korrekted pikcher ar yoo happy now???

happy tanksgiving evrybuddy!!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “happy tanksgiving!!!!

  1. Hey Dennis I hope you and all your family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are all getting lots of turkey!

    Don’t worry, this house has loads of loose floorboards so it would take the government lots of sleep and play times to find my stash, hehe! 🙂 xxx


  2. Woohoo! Dennis! You look great all dressed up like a pilgrim. I hope mom and dad save you some turkey, or at least some leftover veggies.


  3. And to think all these years all I really needed was a tank and a Pilgrim’s hat to truly understand Thanksgiving, maybe next year. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Hey Dennis, how did you get a hover tank?
    I’ll bet you could really blast the squirrels and gophers with that thing!

    Happy tanksgiving to you too 🙂

    Behr Behr 🙂


  5. Did you give tanks for your neat tank? Don’t drive around in that too much coz you might run over poor Tucker and then you’ll be in the biggest trouble ever!
    Hope you got some turkey leftovers, we got some cheese and other goodies, but no turkey coz momma didn’t have any at our house!


  6. We hopes you had the bestest Thanksgiving Dennis!! And got to drive around lots of big heavy noisy machines!
    hehe you do look so very happy in it and that hat suits you!
    Maybees you woz a pilgryimm in your past lifes? 🙂



  7. Well if we disect the wurd Tanksgiving we can see that part of the day is about Tanks and part is about Giving. Now you may feel that the giving part is when sumone gived that tank to you. However I think aktually you is sposed to give the tank to sumone in need. As it happens I have an Evil Foster Dawg wut needs blasting I mean ummmm I have arthritiss that prevents me frum personaly beeting the Evil Dawg I mean ummm skwirrels. Yes. I cant chase skwirrels. That is why I am in need of a tank. Mebbe I could jest borrow it fer a whiles? Uh oh here comes Mummy gotta go. Happy Tanksgiving!

    Yer pal Dozer


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