naybor dog reveeld!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel thanks to the timely appeeranse of a top seekret informant in the naybor dogs howsehold i hav obtaynd orijinal undoktord pikchers of the kreecher wot is nown to sum as a saint bernard dog naymd grace so heer ar the pikchers!!!! prepayr to be horrified!!!!

heer we see the naybor dog sitting in a pile of loot and hmm hay trixie she duznt luk like an evil interloper she luks like a reglar dog altho she is kind of big and that jak toy luks a lot like my compass jak wot helpd me find my way bak frum the kingdum of the myoporum but i am shoor it is just a coinsidense ok lets luk at the nekst pikcher

oh luk how kyoot in this shot the puppy is chekking owt a purpel bottel with a spiny skroo top and — hay i yoozd to hav a toy wot lukd just like that but i havnt seen it in a wile!!! wel ……… i am shoor that is just a coinsidense too ok mooving on

in this pikcher wot is the orijinal wun frum wich trixie baysd her kyoobist impreshun we can see that the naybor dog has a blak mask like a burglar and — hay my purpel bottel toy also had a rubber rope stikking owt of the top just like that wun!!! and did i menshun i havnt seen it in weeks????  and she is kleerly tawnting me in this pikcher by offring to giv me the bottel only to pull it away at the last moment and say sych!!!!  obviusly this socalld grace the saint bernard dog has broken into my howse and stolen my compass jak and my purpel bottel toy thing!!!  this is an owtraydj!!!!  i demand an investigayshun!!!  or at leest a new purpel bottel toy thing!!!! preferably filld with leftover turkee!!!!  ok bye

23 thoughts on “naybor dog reveeld!!!

  1. new puppys are like new human babies they get all the attention. dont feel lonely and left out instead use this unsupervised time to look for snaks and things that need chewing hidden in the humans bedroom good luck!


  2. Hey Dennis, Mina here: I cannot believe this so-called neighbor dog stole your very awesome toys. My little not-sister does that all the time, and I still cannot believe it. I hope you are able to reclaim your stolen items and show that neighbor dog whose boss (or at least run away really quick with your toys).

    -Miss Mina


  3. ::slobber:: Turkey ……….. I had sum too and it was yummy cept it gaves me the farts and dad thought I pooped in the car and it actually was just a fart but he said it stunk really bad like I pooped in the car so he pulled over to check and yup there was no poop. So bout this purple bottle yer new neighbor has ….


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. I’m sure Grace has these toys because your mama and dada recommended them to the neighbours, Dennis, or maybe even bought them as a welcome-home gift! Oh, wait — maybe I better not say tha


  5. Stealing toys?!?! Oh NOES!! Fences makes good naybors fer this very reeson! Fences without holes under the bottom so toys dont aksidentaly roll underneath!

    The worst part is you cant reely call the cops bout this… Im pretty shore they would beleeve the word of a Saint over a convikt any day. You might have to take matters into yer own paws.


  6. What a very cute girl she is. I was nearly renamed Grace but my pawrents decided to keep my name as it was. Now if that Grace is going to be smart, she needs to shred some of her stolen goods so that you do not recognise them as yours Mr Dennis. Are you planning revenge??? or is she just too cute?
    There’s something on my bloggy for you Mr Dennis.
    Velvety Kissies


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