The Great Meerkat Elevator

My graduate student Mutt and I are getting closer to our goal of finding the top secret hidden Kingdom of the Gophers. Unfortunately, the map we obtained led us to the Kingdom of the Meerkats instead; but as it turns out, there is no love lost between the gophers and the meerkats, and so the meerkats are more than happy to help us in our quest.

It turns out that the meerkats have wisely invested the income they received while their popular television show was on the air, and thus, rather than having to retrace our steps, we are able to travel with our meerkat guide in their high-tech yet oddly festive elevator.

After a bumpy ride down into the deep tunnels, our meerkat guide takes us on a winding journey through unmarked passages we could never navigate on our own, until, finally, we begin seeing unmistakable signs that we are on the right track. Surely the Kingdom of the Gophers cannot be far away now!

All these months of work and planning are about to pay off! Soon all the secrets of the gophers shall be revealed! Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

Meanwhile …

20 thoughts on “The Great Meerkat Elevator

  1. Wow I hope you get your jack compass back from that Grace dog in time to help you get away from the Gopher Kingdom! That meerkat elevator was AWSOME! It’s a good ting they are friendly to the cause.

    The Mulder thing made mom laugh, she used to watch X-files all the time.
    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

    Guess what! You won something at my Blogoversary giveaway! When you send your address to mom she will mail it to you for me! sbrockis (at) embarqmail (dot) com



  2. hahah Tin foil hats!@! hahaha Oh Dennis I hopez you have a plan.. your partner does not look very much like a help??? Please be careful! coz for a woofie you aint so bad! :))



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