ate by ate

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my gud frend myeye wot livs down their tagd me to say ate things abowt ate things so heer ar my atey-ate ansers:

My 8 favorite foods:

  1. raw turkee neks
  2. flat tony
  3. liverwurst!!!!!
  4. roni
  5. enny sort of cheez
  6. cat fud
  7. bullee stiks
  8. ennything wot my brother or sister has got ha ha

8 Things I did today:

  1. sleep
  2. wake dada up by sticking my nose in his chin and thumping my tail arownd
  3. bark at the naybor dog
  4. stretch
  5. eet brekfast
  6. skweek my toyz
  7. go potty
  8. wurk for treets

8 Favorite Stores:

  1. dexters deli
  2. bath and body wurks (ha ha no i am just kidding i hayt that store and evrything it stands for)
  3. kahoots
  4. that playse wot sells all that stuff — yoo no the playse i meen rite????
  5. petsmart
  6. armstrongs nursry becuz the kasheer givs me biskits
  7. petco
  8. frys (dada told me i had to say that)

8 Favorite Restaurants:

i am not allowd into restrants on akkownt of i am a dog it is owtrayjus diskriminayshun i tel yoo!!!

8 Things I look Forward To:

  1. ajility
  2. flyball
  3. gitting let owt of my krate
  4. going to the top sekret dog park
  5. finding owt wots inside my toyz
  6. barking at the naybor dog
  7. sleeping
  8. the annyooal televizhun broadcast of die fledermaus evry krismas

8 Things I Like To Do With Family:

  1. sleep
  2. cuddel
  3. bark at the naybor dog
  4. cuddel sum more
  5. go owt shopping
  6. cuddel sum more
  7. fite krime
  8. cuddel sum more

8 Things on My Wish List:

  1. to repayr the doghowse of justiss
  2. to repayr the gofer broke
  3. a lifetime supply of bullee stiks
  4. to bark at the naybor dog sum more
  5. to finaly finish growing in my fur
  6. to win a gold metal in olimpik flyball
  7. to git wun of my skolarly treetises publishd in a peer revyood jurnal
  8. for mama and dada to win the lotry so they can stay home with me all day evry day

8 Buddies I’m Tagging:

  1. behr behr wot is a dog and not reely a bear
  2. dozer wot is a dog and not reely a bulldozer
  3. my boo bear wot ar also dogs and not reely bears
  4. red dawn vizslas wot ar vizslas and not patrik swayze or c thomas howl
  5. rio rocket wot is also a vizsla and not reely a rocket and his sister delilah wot is not that lady with the sissors frum that story abowt the lady with the sissors hoo was naymd delilah
  6. jake and shadow and molly from the misadventchers of me wich is not reely abowt me
  7. victor the vampire kitty wot is definitly a kitty and may or may not be a vampire
  8. and two barking dogs wich reely is abowt two barking dogs

also my noo frend sophie gayv me too awards at wunse that is wot we call a toofer wich is not to be confyoozd with toofeez heer ar the too awards i wood like to regift theez awards as shown below them:

award_perfect_blend award_blog_worth

whew that shoor wuz a lot of awarding and thinking i had to do this morning!!!! i think i wil go induldj in my favrit aktivity number seven for a wile now see yoo all tomorrow ok bye

20 thoughts on “ate by ate

  1. Do raw turkey necks have bones in them like chicken bones WOT are bad for dogz? I’m just a little worried about you, Dennis. But I am also a worry-wort by nature. Jerry the Rhodesian Fridge Snack would add post-cat cat food (so to speak)to your list, as well.

    Dennis says: hello almostgotit hay akkording to my mama cukd bones wil splinter but raw bones wont she also sez the treet has to be size appropryat wich meenz that the dog cant be abel to swallow it hole so i cudnt hav chikkin neks becuz they ar too smal and i am such a big manly dog howevr my brother tucker the mini vizsla cud probly get raw hummingbird neks he is so littel ha ha no i am just kidding he needs sumthing the size of turkee neks too ok bye


  2. dennis, cb and pickles thank you for the award. they also wanted me to tell you that they think that is a respectable list of eights.

    they would also like to offer a bit of advice: have your dada call around. there are actually a few restaurants in our town that will let dogs dine with their family on the patio!


  3. Denny! Thanks for the tag. I will ask Clover and Cosmo to work on this,right away! P.S. 8×8=64 not 88. I know, its confusing.


  4. Oh Mr Dennis, you have been a very busy Vizsla, thinking of lots of eights (impossible for me as I only can count to three) and pawing on pawards, you deserve a well earnt snooze and many more cudszies, you shure like your cudszies.
    Velvety Kissies


  5. You spelled Die Fledermaus right. Oh Dennis, why didn’t it ever occur to me? The reason your spelling is so creative is because it’s your second language — you’re an Austro-Hungarian Vizsla!

    And thank you for the lovely award! I hadn’t seen that one before.

    Dennis says: at last sumwun hoo understands me!!!! ok bye


  6. Wow hey Dennis thanks fer letting me do this here list thang too! Yers is darn good and will be hard to beet. But it will give me sumthang to do tomorrow right after I wake up and right before I takes a nap. I highly approves of your favrite activity number seven.

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. Dennis, sounds like you have your interests in order. I respect a person (or dog, no discrimination here) that knows what they like. By the way, “finding owt wots inside my toyz” made me laugh out loud.


  8. haha Dennis sooooooo many things to comment on!!! But coz I can get into a jibber jabber just the one!! I LOVE IT HOW YOU WAKE UP YOUR DADA!!!! that is the best!@ lol I hopez there is droll involved!
    Congrats on your awardies!! and thankyou for tagging me for the meme, I will get to it but prolly not till late next week.. we is a little behind 😛 hehe

    OH and my fuuriend Dennis, being anything is relative.. Momma gaved-ed my the Vampy suffix coz I has wiley charms with everyones (like a vampy), I have a ravenous appetite (like a vampy), I sleeps all Day (ditto), I has long teefs and tail (ditto, well not the tail, but…) hehe what else??? :p I thinks you get the drift 😛
    everything is relative I tells you!! 😛 hehe



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