Amanda the Lost Vizsla

From PetFinder:



Size: Large

Age: Adult

Sex: Female

ID: A1259894


My name is AMANDA. I’m a spayed RED VIZSLA. My age is 6 YRS 0 MO. I’m in the NORTH shelter. My ID number is A1259894, my necktag number is N314

County of San Diego Department of Animal Services

Carlsbad, CA


Amanda is obviously someone’s pet. If you lost her, please go get her — she misses you.

git yore own desk!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel with the deteeryorayting ekonomik sitchooayshun i hav fownd myself in need of funds to reebild the doghowse of justiss and repayr the damadj wot the gofer broke sufferd wen trouble the kitty yoozd ot to reskew me and the other dogs from the dinosawrs and so i hav wunse agin turnd to the only forse powerful enuf to reskew the wurld from finanshul rooin thats rite its the african bankers!!!

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Just as it seemed that I was about to be freed from this dungeon by the high-powered New York attorney, my fast-talking cellmate convinced him that he was Dennis the Vizsla, despite the fact that he is clearly a rabbit while I am clearly a dog. With the success of this ruse, I am relegated to confinement here in this dank, dark prison cell. Or am I?

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