hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it wuz eksactly wun yeer ago today that my sister pooh bear the kitty went away i hav herd that their is a playse calld the rainbow bridge ware dogs and kitties go to wayt for there peepul if so then i am shoor pooh bear is their wayting for a chance to sit in dadas lap agin wile he rites his crazee storeez

i wil bet that if pooh bear hadnt gone away then my other sister trouble the kitty woodnt hav turnd into a soopervillin but wot can yoo do maybe if lex loother hadnt lost all his hare he woodnt have turnd into a soopervillin eether hay lex loother havnt yoo herd of hare club for men???  sheesh

wel ennyway heer is a littel ret … retrospect … heer ar sum pikchers of pooh bear the kitty frum before she went away ok be

Where’s the cream?
Kitty Magic Fingers Heat & Vibration — Deposit 25 Cents
“The rafter mice demand cheddar cheese and safe passage out of the yard in exchange for my release.”

21 thoughts on “sadiversary

  1. That used to be my mom’s nikhkname fur some years –

    Sorry about the khytty – I soooo khan’t wait to meet her *WINK WINK* –



  2. Dennis, I is sorry dat Pooh Bear isn’t dere. I fink yoo is right, dats why Trouble is a supervillin now, deres no kitty to show her the way.

    I is Jake!


  3. Oh, that is a sad story. I used to wish the kitties that live with me would go away but now I like them and would miss them if they weren’t here. She looks lovely.


  4. Now I did not know Pooh Bear but I can cleerly see that Pooh Bear wuz Obi Wan to Troubles Anakin. Turn away frum the dark side Trouble! Sadiversarees are jest so awful. My Mummy still crys bout Old Lady Dawg sumtimes. Well lots of times aktually.

    Its a good thang theres luvvin pets like you and me to keep our Mummys and Daddys frum being sad. You jest gotta do sumthang cute like spill the water bowl all over the floor. That helps them keep their minds off the sad. (Jest be shore you run away and hide after that.)


  5. Not to be sad Dennis even though Momma says easier said than done.
    As long as you remember her with the happy times and things you did and with lots of love she will always be with you :)))
    No one is truly dead until the memory is, it is up to us to keep them alive :))
    She looked like a lovely little girl and very ready to please :))


  6. Dennis: we wanted to say that we love reading your blog and it makes us smile — especially on sad days. hopefully it will make you smile to know that Pooh Bear is also waiting to play tricks on you — and not just your dad.

    I think we’re going to go stretch out on the drier in honor of Pooh Bear. Magic fingers… mmmmm…. niiiiiiiiicccccceeeee.



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