the kowtch: master of disgize

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so this week the kowtch in the living rum adopted a disgize calld a slipcover evidently in the hope that i woodnt be abel to see it ennymore:

figger wun: the kowtch in disgize

fat chanse kowtch!!! yoo wil hav to try much harder than that if yoo want to fool dennis the vizsla dog!!!

figger too: disgize — penetrayted

better luk nekst time kowch ha ha ok bye

Coucho Marx

19 thoughts on “the kowtch: master of disgize

  1. Dennis, now yous cans disappears in da disguise. Dat bees wat I do, I steals da unnerwares from da hamper an I hides in da covers. Yur dadda won fins yous.
    Magic da mysterius


  2. You better be careful Dennis, this could be an exploding blankee disguised as a couch cover! We have those at our house and boy will they get you in Trouble!


  3. Almostmissed the “coucho marx” bit at the end there. Har har! I wonder if that other dangerous spud in your life could be tamed into being a couch potato? Oh, somebody STOP me…


  4. Hahahahahahahah! ROFL!!! I have covers on my couch because I’m so clumsy and keep spilling drinks and gravy and stuff, but they always finish up like in your second picture! You are funny and sweet. I love this blog:) xxx


  5. Heh Dennis, we don’t want to make you jealous or anything but when Wednesday comes in your part of the world, you better check out what we’re allowed to do on our sofa (that’s what we call them in lil’ old England). Georgie and Jessie xx


  6. So, why are your people hiding the couch from you anyway?
    couldn’t their time be better spent gathering your toys and washing your food bowls and putting fresh foods in?


  7. Hey Dennis when the blankie goes on the furnicher that means you is alowed to get up on it! Though I seem to remembers that yer house rules is difrent from mine. Well anyways I am not shore what it means when the glasses and nose goes on the couch.


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