famus trouble

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot i reesently came into pozeshun of an old pikcher of trouble the kitty frum wen she livd in the mithical land of noo york heer it is:

now yoo may be thinking as i did “now ware hav i seen that kitty before???” wel i soon reelized that i had seen her on televizhun last week dooring the famus tanksgiving day parayd chek it owt!!! heer she is getting floted in the air wile beeing held down by several duzzin eksepshunally strong noo yorkers clutching ekstreemly sterdy ropes:

heer she is as the parayd progresses thru the majical streets of noo york sitty:

and in this pikcher yoo can see her behind the too big red star balloons:

now i dont no wot eksactly trouble the kitty did to mayk her so famus and wel-luvd in noo york sitty that they wood ask her to be a balloon in the famus tanksgiving day parayd but ennyway i think now we can see why she is so cranky heer in california becuz she has ben separayted frum her adoring fans ha ha ok bye

12 thoughts on “famus trouble

  1. Woah Trouble is way famous to be in the big NY parade!
    I likes trouble lots, and I loves the picture… I thinks she is more angry being away from those secksah blue bench tops!! That would make me sad 😦



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