26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Be Careful What You Post

  1. Hilarious, of course we both know that I am familiar with the possible results of posting certain things online. 🙂

    Dennis says: hello slag zombie yes dada is behind in his commenting but he did see wot happend to yoo and he is verry sorry to heer it!!! ok bye


  2. Hey Trouble if you has a balloon what looks like you in the Macys parade then I reckon you must be the most famusest kitty ever ekcept Garfield who I thinks is also in that parade. And while I am not shore how many treats Garfield gets fer being so famus the point is that it is prolly a lot of treats. Let me tell you if you have too many treats now that you are famus well I will take sum off yer hands. Jest let me know when and where and I will come get them asuming my Mummy will lend me the car fer a few days.


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