smells like meem speerit!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz sort of double tagd by my gud frends goodbear and lavenderbay to do a nose meem abowt smels wot i like now beeing a dog i can smel all kinds of things wot mayks it hard to chooz just five gud smels and five bad smels but i wil try to manadj it heer goze

five smells wot i like:

  • the grass at the adjility feeld sumtimes i fergit that i am suppozd to be doing adjility and just snuffel arownd the grass for a wile it smels like bunneez and coyoteez and gofers and all kinds of other stuf
  • skunk joose
  • naypalm in the morning becuz it smels like victory and — wot??? oh dada sez that is wot colonel kilgore loves in the famus dokyoomentry apokalips now ummm wot i ment to say was butter but reely i ment naypalm shhh dont tell dada
  • reconstitooted pig powder
  • the air at feeesta iland

five smells wot i dont like so much:

  • the inside of the vetnameez playse they dont sel noodels their no matter wot ennywun sez!!!
  • sweet potatoes
  • the stinky stuff mama sprays on herself i dont understand why mama wants to smel stinky i cud find her lots of gud fragrint stuf to roll in if she only wood ask
  • wildfire smoke
  • upholstry and that is why i must destroy it all

and now heer ar five buddeez wot i am marking to also do the smell meem sorry hyoomans yoo ar owt of luk becuz yore nozes dont wurk so gud so i am just passing this along to dogs and kitteez ok heer goze:

whew all that thinking abowt smels has mayd me hungry i wil hav to go mix me up a batch of reconstitooted pig powder i hav more meems to do but they wil hav to wayt for anuther day ok bye

15 Comments on “smells like meem speerit!!!

  1. I hope you don’t have to smell any wildfire smoke for a very long time Dennis, or maybe never.


  2. Hey I’m back at WordPress now. I think I figured out the error problem. And I’m too big a Blog addict to quit blogging forever. I have a new url as I couldn’t have my old WP one back


  3. I like the smells Mom brings home when she’s enkhountered another khritter but doesn’t think I’ll notice!




    I can’t wait to has mom help me wif this one. I has to fink real hard sumtimes on what I likes and dun likes.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. skunk juice? dennis!!
    dont you know thats a gateway scent to other more addicting scents like ether and grilled pork chops, things thatll get you into really big trouble!


  6. We shall answer in due time! our human says she’s always tired from working at the place that lets her buy us cookies. Excuses, excuses! thanks for thinking of us. 😉


  7. Thanks for the tag, Dennis! I got double-tagged, too, by both you and lavenderbay. Boy, the almostgotits must be ESPECIALLY SMELLY or something!


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