hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? yesterday i got a serprize in the mail frum my gud frend rustys mom!!!!

luk it is addressd to me and evrything!!! i wunder wot it cud be!!! open it mama open it!!!  wot … wot do yoo meen yoo want me to open it??? yoo ar the wun with opposabul thums and aksess to nives and sissors!!! no dog on erth cud open this straynj packad!!!!  oh by the way dont wurry abowt all that stuf on the floor thats just left over frum sum eksperiments i wuz dooing erlier calld “how much fluf is inside my hippos nose” and “how small can i mayk the littel bits of butter boks” ok thanks

oh hay thats a gud ideea giv it to tucker to open!!!!

hay tucker wel dun yoo hav opend my packadj!!! and luk it is a little skweeky stuffie!!!! oh boy thanks rustys mom for sending it and tucker for opening the packadj!!!

but dada it wuz adressd to me

hay um tucker can i hav my toy now???

but … but … but …

hay tucker yoo ar kind of hogging the toy wot rustys mama sent for me ……..

ahhhh thats better no evrybuddy is happy tucker is bak to taring up the envelope and i hav the toy wot rustys mom sent me and trixie gits to bask in the glo of the too happy vizslas wow i think she is the lukkiest wun of all!!!!! ok bye

14 thoughts on “serprize!!!

  1. Poor Trixie! Ignored and all alone among the noise and confusion of Dennis and Tucker.

    And, now, based upon the forensic evidence provided in photo and video, I would like to suggest that it is Tucker who is responsible for the destruction of all of the stuffies! His systematic destruction of the padded envelope proves his abilities!


  2. hahaha Adorbale. Tucker is very smart!! So cute when he was tearing up the envelope and spitting out the pieces. 🙂
    It’s a hedgehog Dennis!!!


  3. Hey Dennis! I’m glad you liked your squeeky hedgehog! Maybe once you get it destuffed you can use it to scare the terrible hedgehog army!

    I also glad that Tucker liked the envalope so much. I don’t think Trixie is basking though….



  4. Hey Dennis the Vizsla Dog that stuffie is a hedgehog, do you think it might be one of the mutatn hedgehogs trying to infiltrate? Better be careful…..


  5. Well Mummy is laffing so hard right now I jest dont know why. You gotta get the fun toy out sumhow! Its not our fault we does not have fancy fingers and whatnot.

    Well you knows what I always sez: Keep yer frends close and yer hedjhog enemys closer! Then tear them up a little.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. OH that was so much fun!! Thank you for sharing with us!! I iz very amazed at Tuckers opening skillz.. Dennis!! and I looked up to your woofie powers… You guys always look like you is on the go! We love seeing moving pictures of you guys!
    And your Momma and Daddas voice just sounds so sweet! (well they must be for letting you guys make that much of a mess onthe floor!@! hahha



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