meems and awards and wotnot

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel i hav ben tagd for another meem by my gud frend anna the buzzy bee girl hoo is not aktchooally a bee girl but rather is a girl wot studeez bees this sientifik feeld is i beleev calld entopolomobugomology ennyway this meem is to say siks randum things abowt myself and anna the buzzy bee girl also tagd dada for this meem but she spesifikly sed i cant copy dadas ansers as if i wood do such a thing!!!!  dada is way too boring for me to copy his ansers ennyway heer ar siks randum things abowt me:

  1. i stil havnt grown all my fur in frum wen i wuz neerly hareless mama thinks i may hav sumthing calld sebayshus adenitis wotever that is
  2. at nite i like to curl up in bed under the cuvers between dadas feet and sumtimes wen i am sleeping i stretch and kick him sumplayse wot mayks him yelp
  3. i have a scar on my nose from wen i busted owt of my wire krate last yeer, and i have matching hyooj scars on eech sisde of wun of my legs that i dont no how i got but dada thinks becuz they are so simmetrical that eether sumthing went all the way throo my leg frum wun side to the other or else maybe it wuz a seryus bite woond or a runin with a barbd wire fense
  4. mama tawt me to stretch before my doggie sports and now i follow her arownd in the morning stretching in the hope she will eether giv me a treet or start playing sports with me
  5. the last time i wuz at adjility i herd mama telling the trayner that she didnt think i cud do the weeve polls so wile she was telling the trayner that i went and did a kuple of them on my own twice just to mayk her luk silly ha ha
  6. i am the bestest and sweetest dog in the hole wurld at leest akkording to mama and she wood no rite???

now i hav to tag siks randum buddeez so heer goze:

  1. tatum tot the other athletic dog
  2. the hustle hag
  3. the folks arownd the funny farm
  4. amanda hoo livs in the mithical sitty of noo york
  5. rio wot is a rocket and his sister delilah
  6. mercedes hoo is probly stil buried under mowntins and mowntins of skool stuf come bak to the lite mercedes!!!

also my gud frend over at a blog in the rough has given me this luvly sparkly award!!!


i wil hav to mayk shoor that the crows do not spot this becuz they are nown to steel sparklies in order to trayd them on the blak market for crusts of bred!!!

finaly my gud frend shadow gayv me this luvly kreativ blogger award!!!

finaly an award wot is speld korrektly!!!  heer ar the rools for this award:

  • list six things wot mayk yoo happy
  • pass the award on to six bloggers wot yoo consider to be kreativ
  • link to the blogger wot gayv yoo the award
  • link to the blogs reseeving the award
  • notify the resipients

so heer is my list of six things wot mayk me happy:

  • cuddling mama and/or dada but mostly cuddling mama
  • gitting a noo toy wot i can perform eksperiments on
  • running arownd like a loonatik
  • adjility and flyball
  • chaysing my sister trixie arownd the yard
  • wayking up in the morning and going to bed in the evening (ok i gess thats too things but they ar relayted)

i wood like to giv the kreativ blogger award to my following frends:

  • almostgotit (the persun this time not the rhodesian fridge snak — at leest i assoom it is a persun wot rites that blog altho i hav never aktchooally met her)
  • myeye my loyer frend from down there in albakerkee
  • the voice of the turtel wot can be herd frum lavenderbay
  • dozer and daisy the twin (sort of) pink puppies (i gess this kownts as too awards)
  • nanny goats in panteez becuz thats sertinly a kreativ way to dress up yore goats

woo that wuz a lot of wurk agin!!!!  now i must go owtside and bark at the naybor dog for a wile so i will be bak layter ok bye

17 thoughts on “meems and awards and wotnot

  1. Dennis, you are a good dog, no matter how Trouble and Tucker and Trixie try to frame you for the destroyed couch and the stuffies without stuff.


  2. Hi Dennis, I would like to add you to my snuggle buddies list, I enjoy your blog & would like to visit more often! Thank you for visiting my blog & let’s be friends!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

    Dennis says: hello eduardo of korse that wood be fine i always like to mayk noo frends!!! ok bye


  3. Dennis we want to tell you that we think our momma has lost her head coz the award actually says “sparky” not “sparkly” but we like sparkly better anyhow so we are just going to ignore it anyhow.

    We LOVE the info about you, we didn’t know it, and now we do, hooray!


  4. Hahah Dennis if you had not included running arownd like a loonatik in yoru list we would not have believed you.. I thinsk that should have been at least 3 points! hahah or 4 one for each leg 😛 hehe
    But you iz a loveable loony-tic! 🙂



  5. Aww, Dennis, thanks for the award! Looks like I have some admin catch-up ahead of me again…
    Btw, the weeve poles were originally created, in much smaller form, for weevils, those little beetles with long noses. You should therefore be able to learn weeve poles; Salukis should excel at them, while bulldogs may need a few remedial lessons.


  6. Wow hey Dennis thanks! I have got to figger out how to show my awards on the side of my blog like you do. Mummy sez she knows how but she is not showin me fer sum reeson.

    Yer random facks wuz very intresting to reed. I also have a scar on my nose cool huh. Though mine wuz not frum awesome strength busting out of crates like Inkredible Hulk. It wuz frum wussy crybaby not wanting to go on a walk. Or so Mummy sez.

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. Oh wow thank you for another really cool award! I want to put my awards up too! Maybe you could tell Dozer and I how to do this?

    Dennis says: hello pink daisy dog well dada duz it yoozing a socalld “text widjit” in wich he has wot is calld a “div tag” that controls how evrything is laid owt, and then inside that “div tag” he has all the html for the pikchers and … dada ar yoo shoor theez ar reel wurds? they ar? wel ok so ennyway the html for the pikchers is inside the div tag and he has the pikchers skayld down proportionaly so they dont ekseed a hunnerd and fifty pixels wide and … dada i dont beleeve pixels is reely a wurd!!!! oh ennyway heer is an eksampel of wot it luks like inside his socalld text widjit:

    {div style=”text-align:center;”}
    {a href=”//”}{img src=”” alt=”Tuffy” width=”140″ height=”140″ /}{/a}
    {a href=”” title=”Bloggers of the World 2007 – 2008, from 4urpets”}{img src=””}{/a}
    {a href=”” title=”E for Excellence, from Behr Rake”}{img src=””}{/a}

    yoo hav to chaynj the curly braces to reglar angle braces like wot hold up yore shelvs or strayten yore teeth i had to mayk them curly heer so they wood show up korrektly ennyway hope this helps ok bye


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