vizsla reskew buk!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay chek it owt luk wot came in the mayl!

yes thats rite its a vizsla reskew buk wot was kreated by the peepul at the vizsla reskew fund!!!! now this buk is better than enny of the buks wot dada has ritten for a number of reezons but heer ar just a fyoo of them:

first it is ful of pikchers of vizsla dogs
second sum of those pikchers are of me

oh and tucker is in wun too if yoo simply must see him

this pikcher is in a sekshun of the buk calld buddeez cant yoo just feel how much tucker luvs me???

ennyway their ar menny menny more pikchers of vizslas in that buk oh and the third reezon that this buk is better then dadas buks is that the munny it rayzes goze to help wurldwide vizsla reskew efforts insted of meerly helping to support dadas lavish lifestile of fred astaire danse parteez and noo pillos for the kowch evry week if yoo wood like to lern more abowt this buk yoo can clik heer ok bye

18 thoughts on “vizsla reskew buk!

  1. Oh Dennis, you are so very handsome now and it makes mines momma get teary eyed when hers sees da pichure of yous wiff no hairs. You is a celebretee!
    Magic da corgee


  2. Yes Tucker does seem to uhm adore you. What a wonderful book and fund raiser Dennis. The pictures of you and Tucker are precious except for the one that shows wot the mean people let happen to you. 😦
    At least you have a wonderful family now. I hope many copies are sold.


  3. I tell ya what Dennis, you is a sooper star in the truest sense!
    I have never know a furry babeh to have his nose in so many things! (hahah and I am not talking about butts!) 😛 hehe

    I also wanted to say a big thank you for your birfday wishes 🙂
    ( I wishes I was a ladies cat, but that does not stop me from tryin’) hehe



  4. Wow you are in a book! Now you will reely be famus and rich with treets. *Ahem* I hopes you wont ferget the little peeples when Hollywood buys the rites to yer story.

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. Dennis, you’re such a handsome guy! Glad to see you featured in your own book (yes, I’m sure there are other vizslas in the book, but they’re just the supporting cast, right?).


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