Foster Homes Desperately Needed For The Holidays

It’s that time of year.  From the Vizsla Rescue list:

I have heard the holiday season is a busy one for rescues. Apparently this is the time of year that people decide to give up their loving pets. So this email is to let everyone know we are ramping up. I will need extra help over the next several months. I do appreciate all of you have been able to help so far!

I have had three calls in as many days about Vizslas that are being given up. I worked with the Wirehaired Rescues on the last 6 month old, as he was 1/2 wirehaired. They are going to foster him.

But I just received a call from a desperate family that needs to give up their 4 year old male, Valcore. He has seperation anxiety and they can no longer deal with him escaping. He will need someone who is home all day to be with him, and I am sure he needs lots of love and excercise.

Please call or email me if you can help out with Valcore. Right now he is in Fullerton, but I can work on transportation if anyone can take him.

In addition, we have the following dogs that need homes: Copper, a very sweet 5 year old male; Charlie, a rambunctious 2 year old male; Puppy, 1/2 wirehaired & 1/2 smooth Vizsla that is untrained; and now Valcore, a stressed out 4 year old male. Oh, and we are helping the Ridgeback Rescue with two brothers (about 4 years old) that are 1/2 Vizsla.

If you have anyone that you know that would want to adopt any of these wonderful boys, please have them go online and fill out an application.

Anyone in Southern California who can help out, please leave a comment or go to the SoCal Vizsla Rescue site for direct contact information.

7 Comments on “Foster Homes Desperately Needed For The Holidays

  1. Thank you for helping these guys out. Mom’s friend is losing her house and needs to place 2 male adult Vizslas. It’s a very sad time for everyone.



  2. I’m not in California, but I’ve always thought it’d be nice to help foster V’s. I’m not sure how I’d handle dog walks with more than two (my current brood), though, heh. Someday when I get my 100 acres in the boonies… 🙂


  3. Fostering is the one thing I do in memory of the Vizslas and other dogs that I love that have gone on. It isn’t as much work as you would think if you have other dogs. The pack sets the rules on the outside. Not every dog is a success,unfortunately, but 2 months in their life can really make a difference. If you know someone who can step up to the plate and foster, pass Dennis’ blog along.


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