Lockup: Hound

Welcome to today’s episode of Lockup: Hound, the show that takes you inside the unseen world of dog convicts.  Today, we take our cameras to California, where the notorious pillow and stuffie killer Dennis the Vizsla sits in solitary confinement, awaiting his parole.

Solitary confinement:  Hard time.  In the cell that the cons call “The Crate”, Dennis the Vizsla isn’t allowed to participate in what passes for life here in the lockup; he can see the other inmates, but he can’t touch them or play with them or wrestle with them.  As you on the outside taunt the regular prisoners with your freedom, so they taunt him with theirs.  Freedom, as they say, is relative.

Even the basest criminal has rights, of course, and those in Lockup: Hound know how to exercise them.  A request for an attorney is not something that can be ignored, even when it comes from someone who’s been confined to The Crate.

But, like most hardened cons, Dennis the Vizsla is always working an angle, even when talking with his lawyer.  Dennis doesn’t realize it, but his attorney is actually doing him a favor by refusing to participate in his crazy schemes to escape.  Dennis’s cell is under constant video surveillance, and even if he did manage to get out of The Crate, he would still be trapped within the walls of the wider prison.  He would certainly be caught again, and then jail-breaking would be added to his long list of crimes.

Even though Dennis the Vizsla remains in solitary, his mind is not captive, and is free to wander.  Who knows what pitiful fantasies he entertains as he watches the minutes tick by into hours?  That is one thing that even our cameras cannot reveal.

This concludes today’s episode of Lockup: Hound. We hope you’ll join us again for our next show.  And remember:  Enjoy your freedom while you have it.

20 thoughts on “Lockup: Hound

  1. Dennis, I’ll add you to my “collect calls to be accepted” list. Maybe we can do something about the conditions there.

    Myeye – your lawyer in Alberkerkee


  2. ayayay! what did you do to deserve such treatment…. shipping you a slice of pizza. just in case tucker forgets… may i use your bff gold card, heee heee heee


  3. Ooooh Nooooo. Dennis! My friend! You really need to stop with the stuffies and couch pillows and whatever else you are destroying that gets you thrown into lockup because its much better to be lounging around on the couch on a pillow with the stuffies in it its much more comfortable. You’re a menace, Dennis! Your friend, Clover

    Dude! Why in the world would you want to remove the stuff from a stuffie? I just don’t understand that at all. Coz.


  4. Well I thinks a file in a sausage would not do you too much good even though it would be tasty delishuss cause I am not shore you could use a file with yer paws. Therefore I would prolly ask Trixie fer a sausage without a file in it. Now I do notiss you is in a plastik crate and I did defeat one of them thangs early in my career by jest chewing on the plastik part. It is not too hard so you might try it but honestlee it does not taste good certainly not as good as a sausage.

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. Ask for a computer Dennis, they have lottsa files in them.

    Dixie says: Hay Dennis, the Maree Antwonet award finalee payd off!!! Mummy mayd a kayk larst nite & daddy gayv me sum wen he had kayk for brekfest. Thay did let me eet kayk just lyk the award sed they wood. Hav yoo had yors yet???

    Dennis says: hello dixie no i hav not gotten enny kayk yet!!! not even wun with a file in it!!! ok bye


  6. Oh Dennis. I usually say something silly here, but all I can wish is you would just learn your lesson buddie… Maybee your Momma and Dadda could sprinkle some pepper on the cushions or something?
    Dude, is it really worth it ? :))



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