21 thoughts on “The Attack of the Gibberish-Spouting Dada

  1. Dennis, this is quite disturbing! do you know that your dadda is speaking in tongues? Or he might be reading from one of his books where a vampire is attacking a victim, or perhaps that is how he does his love talk????


  2. dennis! i have reviewed the video and have determined:
    your dada loves you SO much! look how he braces himself for crazy dog love! he is very happy to have you as his dog. that much is evident!

    you’re a very lucky guy.


  3. My aging computer didn’t show the video at first, so there was just the title with nothing — no words, no photo, nada — and I thought, “See! He is clever, under the weather or not!” Now, having seen the video, I can hazard a guess as to where the germs came from. 🙂


  4. HASHHAHAHHahhah WE LOVED LOVED LOVED this!! i see why you love your dadda so much!! he can speak YOUR language!! Any hooman that tries and speaks our language must be the best! :))

    We would like more of these pictures please! :)))
    PES: It even made my dadda smile all big like! Momma was giggling much! 🙂 (The warm kind of giggle) 🙂



  5. Hai Dennis! Dat is just weird. Um is yer dada okay? I cudn’t understand a single werd. Did I hear treats tho?


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. That Dada sounds like mebbe he is sicky or angry or confoozled and I am pretty shore that nothing good can come out of a sicky angry confoozled Dada! Run aways! Run aways! Before he spouts gibberish on you!


  7. When you know the people we know, this isn’t all that uncommon.

    Though, typically when we hear this “love language” it’s in churches and people are throwing themselves on the floor and doing the dying cockroach thing with their legs.


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