me vs. the foks

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel gess wot happend after dada left for wurk???? a foks got into the howse thats wot!!!  but i showd the fox hoo wuz boss!!!!

as yoo can see frum that viddyo foks fiting is hard wurk first yoo hav to do sum cal … calisth … sum stretches to git limberd up like heer i am dooing wot we foks fiters call a skwat thrust

and then the three leg sideways skuttel that may luk like a forth leg their in the bak but that is aktchooally my tale

i finished up with sum handstands

yeah they wanted me to go to china for the olimpiks in jimnastiks but then sumbuddy told me they eet dogs over their and so i desided to stay home insted wel ennyway evrything wuz going along fine until i reelized that their wuz a sneeky foks in the other room!!!!  as this wuz a verry sensitiv matter doo to my prior criminal histry i pawsd to discuss with my atturney the proper way to proseed

then i wuz reddy at last to confrunt the foks as yoo can see in this startling viddyo futage wot wuz shot by an intrepid reporter

sum of yoo may remember theez moovs frum the time i had to tayk down the pillo monster but i hav further refined them as soots a marshal arts master such as myself i am partikularly prowd of this moov wot i cal the pizza toss only i am tossing a foks and not a pizza

yes the poor foks never stood a chanse

but unfortchoonatly this foks misteeryusly contayns no stuffing wotsoever!!!!  and not becuz i destuffd it!!!!  its almost as if sumwun had desined it to be immyoon to my vast powers of destuffing!!!!  i can only imajin wot crayzd and twisted mind wood conseev of such monstrus violayshun of the natcheral order of toys and dogs!!!! ok bye

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22 thoughts on “me vs. the foks

  1. This is Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies – Dennis please don’t ever go to China. We are Chinese and we know they eats their dogs there, so don’t go. We would love to go to China and sees our families whats in China but the eating dogs thing makes it so we can’t. So please stay here and fite your foks at home in Merika.


  2. Dennis, you are wild! I have a feeling if you weren’t around, Trixie would lie around all day sleeping.
    Hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny as usual.


  3. hay denis, hay denis!!! wo! u r grate!!!! i needz tu cum tu that hal of justis an lern that cool stuffz! ok anok
    o yeh. we hafent ben arownd much cuz mom iz a klutz. sory but we r gonna ketch up. mom sez.
    an u no whut??? thay r makin me take spellin lessonz frum sunny. sumthin abowt popular deemand frum reederz. abowt it takez too long tu reed mi wurdz. hmmmmph. i doan see anyfing wrong wif how i tawk. but i haf ben threteneded wif not tawkin tu eferybudy if i doan. *sigh* maybe i shood cum lif wif u. ok anok. i godda go.
    mom wantz tu no if u r a member of dogz wif blogz?? DWB
    ok anok i fink i need a snak
    hi 5s dood


  4. Uuuhhh Dennis, you haz made-ed the Momma all sicky in the tummy!
    The little foxie looks so real, I mean we knowz you would never really hurt a little foxie.. but it looked so real that Momma is now all funky tummy…


    Dennis says: hello vampy vic i am sorry yore mama got funky tummy!!!! pleez ashoor her no fokses wer harmd in the mayking of this viddyo ok bye


  5. OOOOOOO! I like the way you tossed it up then snatched it out of the air! I guess you showed him!I have a squirrel like that, with no stuffing. Mom brought it home already destuffed. ?????



  6. hay denis!!!! ok anok it iz scooter agin. i doan unnerstan this spellin thing tu. nope nowear as fun az smellin eefer. an i mite not haf tu keep takin thoz lessonz cuz mor peepul seded i dint needz them than did say i didededed ooopz hard tu stop sumtimz.dided i meen. ok anok
    Mom sez wood ur dada pleez jown that DWB cuz we all finkz u r won ov the bestest and funnierest dog blogz. so she wantz u tu do that. she sez u cood totally win that awesome blog ov the mumf. whutefer that iz.
    ok anok i fink i needz a snakz now
    hi 5s scooter an i stil needz tu lern sum of yer moovz. ok anok


  7. your imagination is limitless…. that you still get left alone, in the house shows true love. you know that, don’t you??? a true mischief maker is what you are…


  8. Dennis I getted a fox toy without stuffing too. Altho yers is much nicer. Well I sed hey how is you sposed to make a mess without stuffing? Mummy thinked she wuz so smart but I smarted her back! I jest teared up the toy into tiny bits all over the floor. Yep those wuz good times.


  9. Hey dennis. its lucky agin. i wuz at the vetz when you wuz havin fun. i uzed to do that to but i’m ode now. i’m this ode. see? i’m hoding up 17 fingers. DIS ODE!! 17!!! i wanna pway wid my toyz but it make da momma cry when i try and cant do it. so i dont. itz not lik i CANT. i just dont.


  10. Hey Dennis,

    Your barking woke up my vizslas (it’s midnight here)! They thought you were outside instead of on the computer and ran to the window and started barking themselves.

    P.S. We got your pretty vizsla book. Can you find money like that other vizsla that was in there?

    Dennis says: hello linz no i mostly just find trouble ha ha and thank yoo so much for buying the buk!!! ok bye


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