yoo do a littel soft shoo and then yoo tayk a bow

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav deesided why shud mama and dada hav all the fun dansing at the fred astaire stoodyo so i hav wurkd up my own rooteen now chek it owt as i bust a moove anna wun anna too anna wun too three

no applawse just thro biskits ha ha ok bye

oh by the way my gud frend tony in tasmania tagd me to do sumthing calld the depressing song challenj but sinse i dont reely lissen to the leeriks i hav deferrd that to dada so he wil tayk up the challenj over on his blog wot nobody reeds ha ha ok bye

23 thoughts on “yoo do a littel soft shoo and then yoo tayk a bow

  1. I thought you were gonna do some break dancing there. Fab moves! What is it you destroyed this time? Or is that artificial snow there on the carpet?


  2. ok anok denis!! u no i haf seeded dancin tv contestz. u shood get dada tu take u thar an i bet u wood win. cuz peepul callz in tu votez an all ov us dawgz cud call in tu vote fur u!!!
    i dunno whut the priz iz but maybee they mite gif u peepul fud!!!
    ok anok fink i needz a snak agin


  3. Ooh, good moves, Dennis! I like looking out windows too. ‘specially now that my mom has learned to pull up the blinds for me ‘cuz she realized if she doesn’t I will make myself a nice big hole to look out.



  4. Izz zat what Dennizz doos to your house? I shouldn’t complain about Zora…

    Dennis says: oh wot that wite stuf on the floor??? ummmmm i can eksplayn that ummmm i think it has sumthing to do with how wordpress is snowing rite now ok bye


  5. Hey that wuz reel good dancin. It wuz a bit like rivverdancin you jest gotta get yer front legs on yer rear hips sumhow. And I guess get in a line with sum other dawgs what knows how to do that. And you need some sort of Irish tune playin in the backgrownd.

    PS Didjer Mummy and Daddy rerange the living room?

    Dennis says: hello dozer yes apparintly they thawt they cud confyooz me into not shredding — ummmmmm i meen not doing battel with pillow monsters and wotnot if they moovd the furnitcher arownd but i am not as dumb as they think i am ha ha ok bye


  6. You are a very good dancer Dennis. If they should come out with Dancing with the Star Dogs you and Meja would win.

    Thanks Bobo the Sharpei puppy.


  7. Hahahahahahaha! You’re a great dancer Dennis, I love that video! And you’ve been telling porky pies. People do read your Daddy’s blog. Okay, maybe he only has half the comments you have, but still, just saying… He chose a great song for Tony’s challenge; good video that goes with it too. I’m feeling a bit that way too without Pinky. Gulp, sniff… Okay, sorry, gotta go now… 🙂 xxx

    Dennis says: hello black cat hay oh jeez dada is up to haff as menny comments as me??? i hav to find sum more nice reederz to mayk shoor i stay ahed of him thanks for the heds up!!!! ok bye


  8. Amazing … Justin and I want to set up the camera to see what Bella does when we leave the house.

    He had some fancy moves there, you should enter him on Dancing with the Stars!


  9. Hahah Dennis… I tries to get Momma so say something half funn,y well at least try, but the pit of her tummy just falls when we see you messing up your Momma and daddas house like that..
    Dude! I know you is excitable and a happy puppy but have a little respect! :)))



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