is it stil a windo seet if its not in the windo?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel sinse mama and dada desided to rearraynj the furnitcher in the living rum i thawt i wood help owt and moov the windo seet for them altho as trixie layter poynted owt to me its not a windo seet if its not in the windo but reely wots a windo but a stayt of mind rite???  wow thats deep i must be a filosofer or sumthing just like dada

unfortchoonatly i wuznt kownting on gravity gitting involvd in my furnitcher mooving prodjekt

jeez trixie yoo mite hav sed sumthing abowt the hole windo seet having to be in a windo thing before i redekorayted!!!!

becuz nun of us dogs hav thums or even fingers we cudnt put the windo seet bak in the window so now i gess yoo cud call it a floor seet ha ha

well ennyway i wil leeve it to yoo to deside if the windo seet luks gud in its noo lokayshun ok bye

23 Comments on “is it stil a windo seet if its not in the windo?

  1. Hmmm… between Dennis and Dada the furniture doesn’t stand much of a chance over there, does it?


  2. Woohoo! Dennis! You and me separated at birth but then you would have to be a black labrador retriever from Ireland, but in spirit I know we are related because I think I did exactly the same thing once but it was way back when I WAS YOUNG AND STUPID and acting out and boy oh boy oh boy are you gonna get it so you better get ready to redecorate that cell .. er I mean crate .. of yours. Your friend in the spirit of redecoration .. Clover

    Dude … maybe yoga would help? or I can send you some of Clover’s pills? or a book on “Redecorating your Cell.” Because, dude, you are so busted. Your friend, Coz.


  3. Hmmmm –

    I didn’t know they made Vizla khostumes fur skhwirrels to wear!!!

    Oh Dennis – that was furry mean of those evil khritters to make it seem as if innocent woo khould do something like THAT!



  4. HAHH Dennis you just floored the Momma.. Oh My she would have you in the back yard in a dig house, or a padded room with nothing you could get in trouble with.. Please tell us it’s just coz you are a puppy and you will grow out of it.. pweaseeee…

    The crazy things is we saw your little tail between your legs, you knew you had done naughty yet you did it anwyays… Oh Dennis.. I got nothing…
    Oh wait yes I do.. It makes me look like a little angel in fur! hahha


  5. Oh dear Dennis, I am not sure that I like the window seat in its new location….. I hope your dadda does though.


  6. At least we know Dennis will never suffer from “destructor’s block”, he’s always coming up with new “material”.


  7. Wow! Looks like the thing tried to attack you! It was pure self defense! Yeah. That’s the excuse I’d use.


  8. Khyra sent me to visit. Your mom must really love you given your natural decorating skills. I like the way you think outside of the box. Just because its called a window seat doesn’t mean that it can’t be put to other uses.



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