so unfare!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay do yoo no wot yesterday wuz??? do yoo huh do yoo????? ok i wil tel yoo it wuz the krismas party for my flyball teem it wuz held at a stakehowse calld miyabi wot servs fud in the stile of the mithical land of japan their wuz food and drinks and presents and stuffeez and i no yoo ar saying to yoreself wel dennis that sownds like a grate party so wot is so unfare abowt that???? wel wayt i hav not yet told yoo ware i wuz wile this party wuz going on yes yoo gessd it i wuz at home in my krate!!!!

this so calld miyabi stakehowse is wun of those playses were a man comes owt and cuks fud rite in frunt of yoo just luk at all that luvly meet and chikkin and fish and wotnot!!!

fud beeing rooind by beeing cukd

wel if i wuz their i wood hav told him dont wurry abowt cuking that stuf just shovel it rite into my mowth ok????

i cant eet unyuns but i wil be happy to tayk the rest of it off yore hands

of korse i am not such the big fan of fire but in this kayse i wood mayk an eksepshun

not kwite the saym as the juliett fire

oh wel at leest dada had to miss owt on the party too becuz he is not on the flyball teem so i am shoor they wood not let him hav enny of that yummy fud and —

owtrayjus diskriminayshun!!!!!

hay!!!!!! why duz dada git to hav fud?!?!?! he duznt even play flyball!!! i demand an investigayshun!!! ok wel ennyway mooving on i herd that their wer presents and sumthing calld a yankee swop ware peepul can steel gifts frum eech other like theez:

hay mama can yoo steel those biskits for me? mama? mama? hay mama!!!!! hmm i dont think she can heer me maybe its becuz the stuffeez ar mayking too much noise:

ha ha verry funny mister bloo oktopus yoo ar just lucky yoo did not come home with my mama and dada!!!! hay mama didnt yoo git ennything for me at this party?! i am the wun wot duz all the wurk at flyball yoo no!!! i hav to do the running and the jumping and the carrying arownd the tennis ball in my mowth and hay wot is that wot mama is holding up in the air????

rope toy — now with its own gravitayshunal feeld!!!!

egad luk at the size of that thing!!!!! its joopiter on a rope!!!!  hay mama can i play with that huh can i pleez??!?!?

wel ok i gess i wil forgiv them this time but nekst time their better be a seet for me at that table ha ha ok bye

26 thoughts on “so unfare!!!!!

  1. This has got to be the funniest one yet. 😀 So cute!!

    Dennis, my mama and daddy want to go to one of those places wot cook food at your table wot is in the same place they eat Chinese food but Mandy and I aren’t allowed either.


  2. Dennis, sorry you missed out on the meal, but at least you got some cool toys, and our dogs have told us that those biscuits you got are very tasty.


  3. 😦 your video is unavailable.

    Jim says: I’m not sure what the deal is with the video at the moment; it’s definitely uploaded. I wonder if WordPress is having S3 issues again …

    The video is of Dennis’s reaction to seeing “Jupiter on a Rope” when we got home. It’s definitely cute. I’ll post a makeup video if this one doesn’t become available by the end of the day.


  4. Those toys look incredibly awesome! At least your parents brought you back something fun to play with, Dennis — I’m sure you would have made a nice mess of the living room in retaliation! Not that I would blame you…


  5. Didn’t work for me either. I’ll check back later then.

    The food looks fab!

    How long will that purple thing last do you suppose? Is it better made than the window seat cushion?


  6. Nope…no video fur me either –

    I khan’t imagine why woo were in your khrate –

    I’m sure there is more remodelling to do Bob Vizla!



  7. Hi Dennis! I saw the video and you look like you are having fun there at the end. It is unfair! Why can’t we go to the places with mom and dad and eat? Well!!



  8. Hahhahah Dennis!!! What did you get at the end it look like a big Dicky bird!!??!?!? Are your Momma and Dada buying you naughty toys?!?!
    pES: You think they would have smuggled you home a little of dinner, they do not call them doggie bags for nothing!
    PSS: Please do not hurt yourself with that big ball, a mouth can only open so wide Dennis! :))



  9. How outrageous! What is it with people that think that they can go and celebrate for things they don’t even do, while leaving the doggies that do all the work at home? The Girl does that all the time, going to parties with all the people from dog training, but leaving me at home. It is discrimination of the worst sort!

    Brown dog outrage,


  10. Looks like you all had a great time – must be lovely hanging out with all those people who love dogs as much as you. Would have been a little chaotic had the dogs come too I suppose!


  11. Oh my goodness they didn’t take you with them?! This is beastly treatment… I’m sure you’d have enjoyed one of those yummy steaks just as much as I would have had they thought and sent me a kittybag full of good leftovers!



  12. Dennis-we think you definately deserve the steak. Why not…you do all the work. I think it is time for us canines to demand our rights….wait…we do have a house and food and walks and beaches…nevermind.

    Sara, Colvin, Dixy and Grady


  13. Omigosh I am drooling at this pitchers yum yum. It is a crime you wuz not invited!!! Hey um if you dont like that ball rope toy thang I will trade you one of my toys.

    Yer pal Dozer


  14. How can they have a flyball party without flyball dogs, it sure is unfair. And I’m sure you’da ripped out Mr Smarty Pants Blue Octopus’ guts if you had the chance to teach him a lesson for his wisecrack.


  15. Well its a good thing that octopus didn’t come home to visit you because i am sure that he may be some type of spy or villan, he kinda looks mean and nasty and well anyone with 8 arms can’t be any good!


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