a skolarly treetis on how the dishwasher wurks

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel i hav lernd throo kayrful observayshun abowt a majikal device in the kitchen wot is nown as the dishwasher this misteeryus boks tayks dishes that ar coverd with yummy fud residoo and after beeing closed for a wile prodooses dishes wot ar kleen and shiny and not verry yummy ennymore this is wot this contrapshun luks like:

natchoorally i wuz verry kyoorius as to how this simpul boks cud perform sutch amazing feets of kleening and after much deliberayshun and owrs of kalkyoolayshuns i hav formyoolayted the following theereez of wot mite be going on behind that closd door heer goes:

first we see the blak hole powerd dishwasher in this model a verry small blak hole is formd in the middle of the yoonit and its gravitayshunal pul kawses the food partikuls to detach from the dishes and wotnot and be sukd thru the singyoolarity wense they travel thru a wurmhole to be depositd in sum alternat yooniverse wot is ful of such refyoose now i am not shoor eksaktly how the dishwasher jenerayts and mayntayns and terminayts the eksistense of the blak hole but i am shoor my gud frend laura the fizzicist cud eksplayn it

nekst we hav the model in wich a clever wizard majikally kawses the fud wayst to disappeer becuz as is wel nown wizards hav also ben affekted by the ekonomic downtern the only problem with the wizard model is if yoo git wun of those eezily korrupted wizards hoo desides he wants to keep al the fud partikuls for himself and starts mayking an army of orks owt of them and then tries to tayk over yore kitchen if that happens i rekommend finding sum ents to help yoo owt

uh oh wizard luk owt their is a balrog behind yoo!!!!  oh wel i hope mama and dada dont mind soot stayns on there dishes ok mooving on relayted to the wizard model is the kind of dishwasher ware mining dwarvs with pickakses come into the masheen and remoov enkrusted fud by striking it repeetedly with there mining implimints this sort of dishwasher is gud for peepul hoo dont like to wash there dishes before putting them in the yoonit to be kleend

and finaly we hav the tucker model in wich my brother tucker the other vizsla dog enters the dishwasher thru a hidden door and proseeds to lik kleen all the dirty dishes contaynd within this method of korse prodooses the kleenest most sparkly dishes of all becuz tucker is nown to never ever leev a spot of fud on ennything he can get hold of this kind of dishwasher is brawt to yoo by the saym fine peepul wot kreated the faymus vizsl-o-matic towel kleening device

the only problem with the tucker model of dishwasher is confining tuckers activiteez to the dishwasher yoonit as sumtimes he is a littel overeeger to perform his dooteez:

wel their yoo hav it a skolarly treetis on varyus methods dishwashers mite yooze to keep yore playts kleen so the nekst time yoo go shopping for this major applyanse pleez be shoor to ask the salesperson wich sort of kleening method it employd by the yoonit yoo ar intrested in after all it is verry important theez days to be an informd shopper!!! ok bye

22 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on how the dishwasher wurks

  1. We have Cardi pre-wash here. You are correct that it is very efficient. It uses no fossil fuels so is ecologically sound. This was a much-needed treatise, Dennis.


  2. Hey Dennis does you know how a dawg like me can get a job like Tuckers? I thinks I would be a good fit. Well mebbe not in the dishwasher. Im a little big fer that.

    Yer pal Dozer.


  3. Very good information Dennis since Cliff wants a dishwasher. I don’t know why since he already has one. I know…lame.
    I see Tucker is as obsessed with human food as Mandy–at least he doesn’t have the same weight problem.


  4. Who needs a dishwasher when you have dogs!

    Glad to know the Dwarves found work. Obviously, Disney doesn’t use them anymore.

    My dishwasher has a dragon. I believe it burns the food off. When I open the door immediately after the cycle is over, smoke comes out!


  5. Tolkein was very interested in etymology ( = who made up which word when) , Dennis. I haven’t consulted with him, but I think that Orks created from leftover foodstuffs, would probably be called Orts.


  6. Veddy interesting. Where do you factor in the slugs? Do you ever get slugs in your dishwasher? Is that just a dishwasher feature unique to our own dishwashers? In two houses in two cities on two CONTINENTs, even… we got SLUGS in our dishwashers. And slugs are so icky that even DUCKS won’t eat ’em.

    Jim says: Slugs? They can’t hear. They can’t speak. They can’t operate machinery.


  7. Well our dishwasher at home is the sprocket-o-matic version, however since sprocket is now pretty old he has a hard time climbing up on the door so mom pre-rinses them.


  8. Thanks to you, Dennis, I now have the perfect idea for The Girl’s Christmas present! The Dannan-Dish-Dewashifyer!


    Pee Ess I just was at Daisy’s bloggy (Daisydog, not Daisy the cat), and she did a scientific study about Milk Bones. They are cheating her out of the burger flavour, and I think she should sue. You know some lawyer doggies, right???


  9. The Wilhelmina model of the canine deluxe cleans only wine glasses … This is a slight problem because the Wilhelmina model is a bit underaged for such hard labor.


  10. Laura the Physicist asked me to tell you about how the black hole is being formed by collision of very high energy particles. It is a lot like what they are trying to do in Switzerland, which is meant to help design even better dishwashers. The dishes are cleaned really really fast before the black hole naturally decays and leaves that sparkle on your dishes. You have to keep the door closed otherwise it might get out and cause real problems.

    Dennis says: whooo important safety tip!!!!! thanks!!!!!


  11. WOW! We have a dishwasher like that too, except momma calls it the pooch pre-wash.

    And funny you mention dishwasher, granmommy said something funny tonight

    “Lynette, your poor Zoe is so hungry, she’s licking the dishwasher.”

    Hmm now that I think of it maybe she was auditioning for the job.


  12. WE has had lots of dishwasher catch firs over here Dennis, and now that explains iot!! The weezards can’t not control their blasting powahs!
    Thank you Dennis for once again letting up in on the know! 🙂



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