18 thoughts on “wensday wot hasnt got enny wurds in it: wot is rong with this pikcher???

  1. Trixie says: Nanny-nanny-boo-boo hahaha!
    Dennis says: Poor pitiful me, all alone on the floor. Must seek and destroy more stuffed stuff!


  2. Trixie DOES look like she is laughing, quite smugly! Although your green bed looks very nice and cozy, getting a hug beats all! Time to do something about it.


  3. The outrayge! The humiliashun!! Oh the– oh hay that looks jest like the footawn thang my Mummy and Daddy used to have. And it wuz reely comfy.

    Dennis yer Pathetik Face aint half bad. I thinks yer Mummy and Daddy have the Hart of Stone diseese that my Mummy has.

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Well Dennis, I think that is unfair that you are on the little small cold and uncomfortable bed while Trixie is snuggling on the couch! Maybe you should rebel!


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