me vs. the piggy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood like yoo to meet my noo littel frend the fat rownd piggy:

today the voyses in my hed told me that i must destroy him

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking that after such a brutal rownd of beeing destroyd their wood be nuthing left of the piggy eksept for fluf and scraps of fabric but in fakt the piggy is almost entirely unharmd!!!!!

in fakt the only damadj i wuz abel to do wuz to tare off the tag and eet it but now i am kind of sorry i did that becuz if i hadnt eeten the tag then maybe it wood hav givn me sum kloo as to ware theez sooper toys like the unstuffd foks and now the indestructabul piggy are coming frum but as it stands now i hav no ideea wot evil jeenyus mite be behind this playg of sooper toys oh wel at leest hooever it is hasnt started making furnitcher upholstry yet

ha ha ok bye

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19 thoughts on “me vs. the piggy

  1. Dennis, please share this with dada and mama … Way back when Clover was “REALLY” into destruction like Dennis, I started experimenting with music .. and ended up with talk radio stations. The talking seems to be much more acceptable. She hated classical and country music. Might be worth a try!

    Ok, back to you Dennis: BUSTED !! Again !!!


  2. My goodness that’s one tough piece of pork.
    You must try harder grasshopper, harness all your power, you can do it just focus, bite & tear to shreds. When you can snatch the stuffing from his innards it is time for you to leave…..


  3. Kevlar is pretty strong I hear! My brother’s Rottie likes to listen to music too but it puts him to sleep. He needs one of those indestructible piggys too Dennis. If the tag…uh…makes an appearance, maybe you can tell us who manufactured it????


  4. A piggy you couldn’t tear apart? My mom wishes she could find something like that for me! You did a good job of trying, though. And good work on the furniture!



  5. Dennis, you post THE BEST videos ever! One day you will have to show me how to do that so that I can capture Mafioso video moments! I might even be able to film someone being whacked! Wait…maybe that’s not a good thing??


  6. Pfft. Dont worry Dennis we all have off days. I could see yer hart wuz not in it perhaps cause you wuz cheeted out of cuddles on the futon. I have studdeed that pitcher of the piggy toy and may I reckomend trying the ears. They appear to be the week point.

    Yer pal Dozer


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