wot the?!?!?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at this thing wich just appeerd on dadas compyooter desk:

no not the drobo!!!!  on top of the drobo!!!!  hmm maybe yoo cant see it on akkownt of all the dust on top of the drobo ok hang on lets zoom in and i wil add sum helpful arrowz and wotnot for yoo:

ok now do yoo see it???  its a tiny ninja hedjhog ikon thingie!!!  frum the mithical land of england no less!!!  i herd dada tel mama that it just came in the mayl from his own mama and dada and that he has had it sinse he was a littel puppy himself but he hasnt seen it in yeerz so evidently dada has ben a ninja hedjhog wurshiper all this time and i never noo it!!!!! no wonder they kept gitting in the howse dada probly gayv them a key!!!!  i wil hav to investigayt this further gosh between this shocking revelayshun and the indestructibul toys wot i cant obliterayt but evidently fergus the corgi can the hole wurld has gawn topsy turvy i think i need to go lie down or posibly rek sumthing i wil be bak layter ok bye

16 thoughts on “wot the?!?!?

  1. You have hedgehogs, I have squirrel! One invaded my house! But my mom caught it in a trash can with my help. My brother, Charlie the cat, wanted to play with it, but she said no. Then she let it go outside. Now Charlie and I are united in our squirrel patrols. No more squirrels in the house!

    Quizz & Charlie


  2. It definitely looks like a golden idol like Indiana Jones would find in the temple of doom. Be very careful. Don’t chew it.
    BTW I accidently deleted your comment about Missy-Moo. Feel free to re do it. Yes it is a licence tag, she was a very good car driver haha


  3. It’s a hedgehog, for sure, and a collectible piece. We used to have one. The black thing is its nose, eyes above that and the crescents are his ears. I guess it was prophetic of Dennis’ Dada to have it as a child. I wonder if he had a gopher, too.


  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yer Dada is frends with a ninja hedjhog group?? Mebbe its a setup! The ninja hedjhogs are tryin to make you doubt who yer frends are.

    Then agin, yer Dada did get to go to that fancy flyball dinner earned by the froots of yer labor. Well you knows what they say. Keep yer frends close and yer Dada closer Dennis!


  5. The horror of it all .. all this time your dada has been living a double life! Dennis! You must destroy every stuffed stuff in the house as revenge!


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