Prison Break

While the two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, conduct their “investigation” of my adventures, I am left locked in this federal dungeon, with only a deranged rabbit for company.  Meanwhile, the gophers have no doubt relocated their fabulous underground kingdom and all-you-can-eat buffet to some even more remote outpost of the underworld, all my various scientific endeavors lay idle, and I have to listen to story after highly questionable story from my cellmate.

It’s enough to drive an archeologist mad.

The rabbit’s litany of offenses is stunning in its diversity and ingenuity.  At first, I am fascinated by his obvious criminal genius.

As my incarceration wears on, though, I begin to suspect that all his talk is mere self-aggrandizement, or, worse, delusion.

Is he a plant, attempting to wear down my defenses and get me to talk?  Is he insane?  Why won’t he be quiet?

At last, I can take it no more, and challenge him to demonstrate his skill by finding a way to escape.  At first he rises to the challenge, but it quickly becomes apparent that his master plan for a prison break is fatally flawed.

Then, just when it seems that all hope is lost, I receive an unexpected visitor:

Somehow, a high-powered New York City attorney has gotten wind of my unwarranted imprisonment!  Surely the gears of justice are now turning in my favor, and I will soon be released to resume my archeological duties; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

11 thoughts on “Prison Break

  1. Ha Ha Ha, you crack me up.
    Shouldn’t “Kill me now” be “Shoot me now”

    If my aging memory serves me well;
    He doesn’t have to shoot you now
    He does have to Shoot me now, shoot me now, shoot me now
    Aha pronoun trouble

    or something like that

    Jim says: I do believe you are correct!


  2. Dennis, you crack me up BIG time! I’ve never met such a funny Vizsla! Well, actually, I’d never met a Vizsla at all before you… In fact I have to confess that I’d never heard of Vizslas before I met you… But you are very obviously a superior kind of dawg with superior story-telling skills and a great sense of humour. Glad to know ya dude! 🙂 xxx


  3. hahha Dennis I could see your pain!@@ Why did you not gnaw his carrot to a razor sharpness then proceed to shave him.. or I hear that ifs woofies nibble their furs it makes them fall out 😉

    But all is well!! A sooper high powered dude come to help.. I wonder who is paying for this? 🙂



  4. This one rates up there with the dishwasher post! It was a special treat to see H.I. McDunnough make a cameo appearance.


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