how i helpd owt greenpeas

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yoo may hav herd abowt this organizayshun calld greenpeas wot in addishun to there importent vedjtabul relayted wurk also likes to do stuf such as save the belooga wales frum those wot wood do them harm wel heer is a story abowt how i helpd greenpeas owt on this kritical mishun

it all started wen i diskoverd that a belooga wale had beechd itself on the floor in the dining rum

i noo at wunse that i had to reskew the poor belooga wale from the floor so i pikd it up in order to protekt it from marawding kreetchers such as dust bunneez and jeroosalem krikkits and tucker

at first i brawt it to the settee in the dining rum but then i thawt that wuz too close to the kitchen ware sumbuddy mite aksidently mayk belooga salad or kaveear owt of it

so then i brawt the belooga wale over to the kowtch in the living rum ware it wood be safe frum beeing mayd into a kasseroal

their yoo go poor belooga wale sayf and sownd on the kowtch!!!!

but oh gosh the belooga wale shoor smells a littel bit like yummy fish … i am shoor greenpeas woodnt mind if i just tuk a little nibbel on the belooga wale rite???  just wun littel luv nibbel and then i wil tayk it and releese it in the oshun i promiss!!!!

nom nom nom nom nom

oh um oooops i mite hav tayken more than wun luv nibbel on the belooga wale

oh wel i gess i cant reely releese the belooga wale into the oshun in this condishun but i am shoor greenpeas wont miss wun belooga wale after all their has to be like wot at leest nine or ten of them left in the wild and besides it must be hard wurk for greenpeas to keep trak of all those diffrent wales so reely i hav dun them a hyooj favor by tayking this wun owt of sirculayshun but just in case shhhh dont tell them abowt this seereez of events thanks ok bye

19 thoughts on “how i helpd owt greenpeas

  1. Hmm that belooga whale did not fite back the way I ekspected considering the depikshun on the cover of Apollo 18 and other popular kulture items. I am sumwhat disappointed cause I wuz eckspekting a spektakular battle.

    Yer pal Dozer


  2. Water Dennis, the whale needed water. You shoulda flushed him down the toilet & he woulda eventually got back to the ocean. But you did good anyway, it was the thought that counts not the sushi meal you had


  3. Dennis they say the fishies came out of the water and made legs.. lets just say that the balooga whale did-ed that and actually made it and grew lots of fuzzy furs acause it was so cold and went into a stasis to grow his legs 🙂 hrrrm.. yeah that sounds like a good alibi! 🙂



  4. Dennis Mummy correkted me she sez the cover of Apollo 18 is a sperm whale and a squid not a belooga whale and a Dennis. So never mind about the spektakular battle. Unless you feels like it. I am shore Greenpeas will not mind it if you gives this whale sum healthy exersize.

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. I noticed you were keeping the whale’s face moist in your mouth. Smart! Too bad he never made it back to the ocean. You did your best. Once they beach themselves, they are difficult to save.


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