awards just in time for krismas!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel i hav been reemiss in posting sum awards wot i got last week but heer they ar just in time for krismas i hope it is not too late for them to be deliverd!!!  ok heer goes:

first frum my gud frend shadow i hav reeseevd this luvly krismas time award


now yoo may be saying to yoreself self ware is the krismas stuf wot shows that dennis has the krismas speerit??? wel heer it is rite heer:

now dont yoo wurry abowt a thing santa i wil be verry gud to yoo i promiss!!!! nevr mind the fakt that yoo ar sitting on top of a packadj of replaysment toy skweekers or that their is the honker from a disembowld toy on the shelf behind yoo those stuffies met with bizarr aksidental fayts but nuthing like that awayts yoo i am shoor!!!! ennyway heer ar the roolz of the krismas speerit award:

  • yoo must be a troo krismas lover to reseeve this award
  • the person or dog or kitty or wotever to hoom you give the award must also be in luv with krismas
    yoo must link back to the persun wot gave yoo the award
  • you must list five things wot yoo love about christmas and if you cant limit it to five things, then keep going till yoo run out of spayse
  • pass the award along to as menny peepul or dogs or kitties or wotever as you like that can be 1 or 50 its up to yoo but yoo must pass it on to at least one persun or dog or kitty or wotever in order to keep the krismas cheer going
  • let your reesipyents no that yoo have tagged them by leeving them a comment i yoozually never follow this last rool but yoo can or yoo can not it is all up to yoo!!!!

whew that wuz a lot of roolz ok i wood like to present the speerit of krismas award to the following krismas luvvers:

  • s. le hoo has ben showing us lots of krismas dekorayshuns laytly
  • gina hoo has lites and krismas trees up on her blog rite now
  • miss laila hoo is persunal frends with santa
  • goodbear hoo has mayd luvly krismas lists for all her frends thanks goodbear yoo ar the best!!!

ok mooving on nekst i got this luvly lemonayd stand frum my gud frend victor the vampire kitty in hopes that i can sel sum lemonayd to help pay for all the krismas presents wot i havent bawten yet:


in kayse yoo ar wundring wot presents i am tawking abowt heer is the list of wot i am going to buy for evrywun wunse the lemonayd stand munny starts rolling in:

  • for my mama i am going to buy a packadj of yummy fish skins
  • for my dada i am going to buy forty pownds of hamberger
  • for my sister trouble the kitty i am going to buy a copy of the compleet idiots gide to beeing a soopervillin
  • for my other sister trixie i am going to buy a packadj of yummy bully stiks
  • for my brother tucker i am going to buy a clue wunse i find a store wot sels them ha ha

unfortchoonatly local regyoolayshuns do not permit a dog to operayt a fud serviss bizness but i hav got that coverd:

wel ennyway heer is the story of the lemonayd stand award the lemonayd award is given to sites wot the giver thinks show eether grate attitood and or gratitood the rules for the award are:

  • put the logo on your blog
  • add a link to the persun wot awarded yoo
  • nominate ten other blogs holy cow ten?!?!  i havent got that menny toes to kownt on!!!!
  • add links to those blogs on yorez
  • leave a message for your nominees on there blogs ok i probly stil wont do that but yoo can do it wen yoo tayk the award if yoo want to

ok gosh let me see if i can kownt to ten awardeez heer goze:

  • dozer hoo has got lots of great attitood and gratitood to his mama
  • daisy for the saym reezon eksept i wood say her mama becuz daisy is a girl dog
  • checkers hoo has come bak to the lite with attitood intakt
  • rusty hooz attitood is to show the skwirrels hoo is boss
  • gabby and flirty hoo eech hav plenty of attitood
  • the dogs wot liv in the texas sun espeshly scooter hoo has attitood for milez
  • jake hooz attitood is ten times bigger then he is and shadow and molly hoo keep an eye on him
  • tony in tasmania hoo definitly has the attitood and needs sum dekorayshuns for his noo pad
  • almostgotit becuz evrywun nos that lemonayd stands ar all the raydj in the south
  • and alyson hooze gratitood to her chooks nos no bownds!!!

wel i gess that is it for awards so merry krismas evrybuddy now santa stuffie come heer and let me tel you a story abowt an indestruktibul piggie ok bye

18 thoughts on “awards just in time for krismas!!!

  1. Hey Dennis you look very hyooman at your lemonade stand.
    I have a challenge for you. Destuff Santa before next Thursday so all the kiddies of the world miss out on presents.
    It will make you famous forever if you can achieve that challenge.


  2. Thank you, Dennis! I’m very excited for Christmas! Santa was very nice and gave me some dried turkey bacon. Yum! I told him to be extra-specially nice to all of my puppy friends this year, and told him to remember to bring some yummies and toys to your house. I saw my mom wrapping gifts for me earlier today, and I THINK I spied a flying squirrel. Be nice to your stuffed Santa so that he can bring good stuff. Tell your mom, dad, Trouble, Trixie, and Tucker that I said Merry Christmas. Love, Laila


  3. Hey Dennis, thanks for that cool award! Mom says can you put a Grey Goose in her lemonade before she gets it? I don’t know why she would want a goose in her lemonade…..


  4. HAHHAHH Dennis!! Congrats on your awardies!! We haves to tell you, you are one of the only furry friends we know that can making looking at the awardies pages fun and make-ed the Momma laff out very load reading them!! :)))
    Tank you! :))



  5. How rude – it’s January and I just found out about my lovely award! Bloody kids got computer stuff for Christmas and my download is so agonising now that I run out of time on the computer before I get anywhere. Errrr Merry Christmas! ANd thankyou Dennis, I love lemonade! 😀


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