brayn salad surdjery

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after weeks of frustrayshun with stuffeez wot ar indestructibul or dont hav stuffing in them or ar just mayd owt of layer after layer of wool i hav finaly fownd satisfakshun with my monkee toy

now yoo may hav herd that monkee brayns ar considerd a delikasy but as far as i can tel there is not reely enny diffrense between the stuffing inside a monkees hed and the stuffing frum ennyware else however dada sez i am not verry diskriminayting wotever that meens i hav also herd that eeting brayns mayks yoo a zombee or that zombees eet brayns or that stuffeez withowt braynz can be tayken over by the evil speerit of teddy ruxpin or wotever but those ar just silly fairy tails i am shoor that nothing bad like that cud posibly happen heer as a rezult of my littel snak ha ha ok bye

Later …

18 thoughts on “brayn salad surdjery

  1. from Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies – Dennis we have the same monkey and we didn’t eat the brains. Mommy took them before we gots them. But the belly parts = yummy…


  2. hahah Dennis you look so innocent!! Now I sees why you getz away with so much!!
    It was funny when you was talking bout monkey brains a cause Momma remembers that from something too! She did a big shivver.. it was funny! 🙂



  3. Dennis my Mummy sez that diskriminashun is bad so I thinks it is good when yer Dada sez you are not diskriminating. I does not know why sumbuddy would diskriminate against monkee brains anyways seeing as how they are just as much funs to tear up as any other stuffee brains.

    Yer pal Dozer


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