Wordless Wednesday: Who Turned The House Sideways?

17 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Who Turned The House Sideways?

  1. Many a Sibes will rekhognize THAT pawsition!

    I don’t choose that one but many do!

    Happy HOWLidays!



  2. Wow Trixie you is prancing on the wall like a spider… Spiderman spiderman doing the things a spider AAAHHH Trixie watch out fer the Kleenex it will squash you!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Dennis the Visla dog you should investigate this. The house might crunch up and fall in a hole…

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies.


  4. The house isn’t turned sideways Dennis, I think that evil Teddy Ruxpin & the brainless monkey zombie have hatched a conspiracy to divert the gravitational flow of the earth 90 degrees to the right…..


  5. Trixie looks very comfortable with her feet on the wall. Dennis, the noisy machines clear the snow off the street and make big piles of it in front of driveways. They do that at my house, too. Merry Christmas to all of you.


  6. Merry Christmas to you Dennis, Trixie and Tucker and Trouble and your human mama and dada.


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