a verry vizsla krismas

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after last yeer i lernd that their ar goodeez inside the funny luking payper that mama likes to rap stuf in but i stil dont kwite hav the hang of this krismas thing opening presents seems like sumthing that is better sooted to peepul wot hav opposabul thums fortchoonatly i hav my brother tucker arownd to do it for me he duznt hav opposabul thums eether but is an ekspeeryensd theef wot nos how to git at the gud stuf:

trixie wuz not impressd and wanderd off to keep us sayf frum evildooers wot mite be trying to sneek in and steel owr presents

as yoo can see we got a ball of flannel or sumthing i am not shoor wot it is eksaktly maybe it is sum sort of egg wot wil hatch into a set of sheets for the bed

also we got a jiant bare wot grunts and has verry reealistic fur wel not that i hav ever had the oppertoonity to nom on a reel bare of korse but if i did i bet it wood be just like this toy only maybe angryer

and last but not leest we got santa claus!!!! yes this is the saym santa wot i spotted on the shelf the other day i gess he went in the other rum and rapd himself up in payper hay wotever floats yore boat santa liv and let liv is wot i say eksept for stuffies wen the voyses in my hed tel me they must die i am not shoor how he deliverd his toys wile he wuz rapd up in payper but that is part of the mistry of santa isnt it ennyway now that i hav got hold of santa i hav discoverd that he tawks!!!!  he goes ho ho ho and then he sings a song!!!!  wel at leest he did for five minutes or so and then wile i wuz demonstrayting to santa how much i luv him sumthing inside him went krunch and now he duznt sing anymore i suspect that dada is sumhow responsibul for this even tho he wuz in the other rum at the time

well ennyway that wuz krismas heer  hope yorez wuz just as merry and that if yoo also got sum sort of tawking santa it wuznt sabotajd and destroyd so fast like mine wuz i am wise to yore triks dada!!!!  ok bye

17 thoughts on “a verry vizsla krismas

  1. Hey Merry Christmas Dennis, Tucker, Trixie and to your momma and dada too! I didn’t get a santa caus! But Sprocket got a bone that is bigger than he is!


  2. Hey Dennis good deal I wondered if you wuz gonna get that Santa. Now that he has deliverd all the presents I reckon you can nom on him all you wants. And guess wut Gramma gived me one of his raindeer. Gosh wut a terible fate awaites Santa and his crew each year…

    Happy Howlidays!

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. I am so amazed how Tucker can open things and when he spits out the paper….how precious. Adorable video.
    My mother got out chihuahuas two bags of treats (their favorite) and we got my brother’s Rottweiler 2 squeaky toys. He was so excited and went around squeeking for 3 hours. He likes to tear them up too but he is obsessed with the squeeky sound. So cute.
    Glad you all had a good Christmas.


  4. Oh Dennis thank you so much for letting My Momma and I share in your Christmas day fun!!
    WE think you Momma sounds and looks just as sweet as honey!
    And we just were so excited with you all the whole time of your little tail waggiings and excitement videos!!!
    WE are so happy you all had a very happy Christmas!! :)))


  5. hey, you musn’t eat santa… then he won’t come back next year!!! mr. b was very excited, since this was his first christmas. we gave him a big ball of all the wrapping, which he proceeded to tear into millions of little pieces through the evening. oh, and of course that little white pompom at the end of the santa hat was a target all night…. merry christmas!!!


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