Just as it seemed that I was about to be freed from this dungeon by the high-powered New York attorney, my fast-talking cellmate convinced him that he was Dennis the Vizsla, despite the fact that he is clearly a rabbit while I am clearly a dog. With the success of this ruse, I am relegated to confinement here in this dank, dark prison cell. Or am I?

The rabbit, taunter that he is, bids me farewell in his own inimitable fashion.

For his sake, I hope we never meet again, or he might find himself on the business end of one of my rope toys. Not that there is much chance of that; this cell is clearly escape-proof, especially since I don’t even have my trusty fedora with me. I always think better when I am wearing my fedora.

As I sit on the cold, hard floor pondering my next move, I notice that a circular section of stone has begun to rotate, as if unscrewing from within. To my surprise, it soon opens, revealing a most unexpected visitor:

The creature claims that his name is Hoggle, and that he is searching for a lost friend of his. I have no idea what led him to think she might be in this forsaken place, but we soon come to an agreement; I will help him find his friend, and he will get me out of my cell. I follow him down his tunnel, which, bizarrely, eventually disburses us through a gigantic urn in a vast subterranean courtyard.

This is hardly what I expected when I agreed to accompany the gnome on his journey, but it is clearly an archeological treasure trove of unknown races and lost civilizations. Who knows what wonders await discovery as we journey through this realm in search of the mysterious Sarah? I can hardly wait to begin exploring. Surely our quest will be successful; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

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