wot duz entrapmint meen???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizlsa dog hay wel it luks like tucker is definitly feeling better theez days becuz luk wot he is up to:

ha ha tucker yoo ar so busted!!!  its nice not to be the wun on film for a chaynj ennyway tucker has also ben kawt steeling mamas coffee agin and butter and pears and then for krismas grammy and grampy sent us a box of treets inklooding a packadj of rum balls wich tucker sez wer delishus even if he did end up throwing them all up on the floor in dadas offiss

mama and dada say they can tel how gud tucker feels by how hard he tries to steel stuf heer is wot they hav ben dooing for tucker wot seems to hav redoosd his simptums first he goze to the doggy kiropraktor abowt wunse a week sekund he has ben gitting a taurine suppliment wot is mayd for peepul and therd mama has ben giving him an oil suppliment calld maxiderm efa and also mama has startd feeding us more raw fud laytly like bones and harts and livers and cornish hens and lams and sloths and carp and anchoveez and orangutans and brekfast serials and — wot???  oh sorry dada sez i am starting to kwote monty python agin oops my bad

tucker stil gits sum of his other suppliments like dismyootayse but it wuznt until mama put the kiropraktor and the taurine and the maxiderm together that he startd to show sum gud improovmint so she is pretty happy rite now and i am happy too becuz wen tucker steels things off the kownter evrybuddy gits to hav a littel as long as we are kwik ha ha ok bye

14 thoughts on “wot duz entrapmint meen???

  1. That Tucker is pretty stealthy — Chase and I watched the video and never saw anything happen.

    Don’t you love the raw food? Chase says he and Inca and Kip eat it every day and it is really good. Green tripe is the best — probably because it stinks so much — but everyone likes beef heart and chicken necks and ground turkey with vegetables and chicken leg quarters and duck necks and chicken gizzards, and ground lamb. We try to keep lots of variety in the diet. To make sure all the essential nutrients are in the meals, we use Vitamin C, Missing Link Plus, and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. (That vinegar cuts the odor if we piddle somewhere is what our mom says.)


  2. Oh Dennis you are so funny. Are you sure you didn’t talk Tucker into stealing all those things so you could ‘share’?

    Bobo and Meja the Sharper puppies


  3. hahha I felt so cheeky just watching!!! We are very happy all those things are working.. what a funny combination, we can tell your Momma loves her Tucker very much 🙂



  4. Ah so Tucker’s been caught in the act… On KissMouse eve Mummy and all the family went for dinner with Misty Vizsla and Nana’s family and Misty was caught stealing sausages – she’s an old lady Vizsla of nearly 15 yrs so it just proves you can’t keep a good dog from a tasty treat! 😉 Of course this proves I’m totally innocent of the crime of drinking Dad’s milk the other night… or licking his turkey sandwich and stealing his bacon wrapped sausage. Oh no Daddy you have it all wrong it was Misty! 🙂


  5. Heh heh Tucker nice going! Too bad it wuz a setup and you wuz caught but it wuz a good try.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS I dont like supliments at ALL. But I likes the peenut butter that comes with supliments! Mmm.


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