i like krismas brake

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav deesided that this krismas brake thing is kwite all rite becuz it meenz mama is off of wurk for too weeks and so i am gitting a lot of ekstra kuddel time

theez ar sum pretty gud cuddels that i am gitting even if i do hav to shayr with tucker and even if mama is reeding sum sort of buk abowt cat nootrishun hay mama just giv trouble sum toona fish and she wil be happy!!!!  normaly i like buks abowt fud but buks abowt cats just put me to sleep so i gess a buk abowt cat fud puts me haf to sleep ha ha

in other nooz i hav notisd sum straynj stuf arownd the howse laytly:

i gess mama and dada ar gitting noo lawn ornamints or sumthing wel yoo no wot i hav to do wen their is sumthing noo in the yard!!!!

hmm did yoo just here sumthing wot sownds like a smal bare howling in frustrayshun??? wel ennyway i think i wil go bak inside and git more cuddels now see yoo tomorrow ok bye

17 thoughts on “i like krismas brake

  1. cuddle time is the best! don’t know what my pups think about it, but i love it. mind you, considering they sneak real close, i guess they like it too….

    those lawn ornaments… i’m not so sure about them though….


  2. I nearly spit my drink all over the monitor when I saw what your Mum was reading whilst cuddling you!

    Sometimes I wish I had a cannon as well. Good luck with Teddy Ruxpin. He’s survived for a long time.


  3. Hey Dennis, I like christmas break too. Mom always takes some time off work to just “veg” as she calls it. So she is home all week this week! And we are also getting extra cuddles, and guess wot? i got to sleep in the bed every night since Christmas! Oh and by the way you have a small bear following you around these days…



    Cuddle time wif da mom is the bestest! And yoo gots a blanket of yer own? I has to sneak under the covers usually!

    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. Hahhah look at you both cuddled up like little kitteh cats!!!
    And you say you don’t like cats.. PFFT!
    I think your Momma is extra caring and nice to be reading such a book :))



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