Amanda the Lost Vizsla

From PetFinder:



Size: Large

Age: Adult

Sex: Female

ID: A1259894


My name is AMANDA. I’m a spayed RED VIZSLA. My age is 6 YRS 0 MO. I’m in the NORTH shelter. My ID number is A1259894, my necktag number is N314

County of San Diego Department of Animal Services

Carlsbad, CA


Amanda is obviously someone’s pet. If you lost her, please go get her — she misses you.

10 thoughts on “Amanda the Lost Vizsla

  1. Oh GOD!

    Poor Amanda, she must be so scared. Can’t they track who her owner is from her tag?

    Jim says: You would think so. I suspect there’s something going on besides a lost dog here. We’re trying to coordinate with vizsla rescue to get her out of the kennel, but the holidays make things complicated …


  2. That’s a sukhky way to start a new year –

    Paws khross she has a phine 2009 thanks to the love of some special humans –



  3. My wife went to the shelter today to pull Amanda for vizsla rescue and met a couple there who wanted to adopt her, so instead of going into rescue, Amanda will be going to a nice home with a fenced yard and two other vizsla friends. I’m sure in her next pictures Amanda will look much happier.


  4. Oh that’s great! I’m happy to see that she’s getting a good home!

    Poor Amanda…who could do such a thing? My dogs annoy my husband to death sometimes but he’d never abandon if anything happened to me. (He knows I’d haunt his ass until he got them back)


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