noo yeerz rezolooshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that peepul like to make rezolooshuns arownd now so that they hav sumthing wot they can feel gilty abowt for the hole yeer i am not so much into feeling gilty howevr i hav deesided to mayk a noo yeerz rezolooshun to be nicer to my stuffie frends and not shred them kwite so much

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis why wood yoo want to stop shredding yore stuffiez wen they so kleerly deserv it wel i hav come to the reealizayshun that wen i shred my stuffiez i then dont hav them arownd to play with ennymore so i am frum this day forward going to ignore the voyses in my hed wot tel me to destroy them

now i no wot else yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinkng hay dennis that is a pretty big rezolooshun ar yoo shoor yoo wil be abel to keep it???  to wich i say of korse i can keep it becuz i am a vizsla dog and we wer bred for owr willpower and owr focus and owr hay wot is that thing hanging in the doorway over their????

wot???  i must destroy the blue dog???  wel ok voyses in my hed just as a speshul favor to yoo i wil destroy this stuffie but then no others after all i mayd a rezolooshun!!!

now that duznt kownt as braking my noo yeerz rezolooshun becuz after all i only just mayd it in fakt i think that my rezolooshun shud go into effekt tomorro insted of today dont yoo?????  after all tomorro is another day ha ha ok bye

19 thoughts on “noo yeerz rezolooshun

  1. Chase says that he keeps the carcasses around for a long time. He likes to toss them in the air and play tug with them. So even though they’ve been de-stuffed, they remain useful. Happy no yer, Dennis.


  2. Hey Dennis I agree in fact why not jest delay this resolushun until next year? There is no reel advantage to doing it this year after all.

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. My Google Reader tells me I have 31 unread Dennis-the-Vizslas.

    It lies.

    I am behind, but not by that much. Sorry to have missed any at all, though!

    Re resolutions: I’m Agin Em. Shred on, I say.


  4. I too have to stay away from stuffies and blankets, but I blame mom for buying the ones that explode! Not the industructable ones….


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