In The Hall Of The Goblin King

After escaping from the FBI dungeon with the help of my new friend, Hoggle the Gnome, I have found myself in a strange subterranean maze, the likes of which have not been seen since the Minotaur roamed the labyrinth of Knossos.  Although I am greatly relieved to be out of captivity, I find myself wondering if I have not traded one prison for another, vaster one, even more difficult to escape.

I have begun to wonder if my putative guide, Hoggle, actually knows his way around this confusing realm; we have spent several hours wandering through a vast hedge-maze and appear to be no closer to finding either Hoggle’s friend Sarah or our way out.

Eventually, even Hoggle is forced to admit that we are lost:

Fortunately, we eventually find our way out of the hall of the hideous eyeless white creature, only to be confronted by a new threat which Hoggle evidently finds even more terrifying.

At first, I don’t understand what Hoggle is afraid of; after all, the rest of the band is not present, so there is little danger that they will begin jamming.  However, I soon learn that the one whom I took for the lead singer of an 80s hair band is, in fact, the powerful and dreaded Goblin King.

The Goblin King does not deign to repeat himself, so I am forced to guess how to respond.  A wrong answer could well mean my death. Fortunately, I guess correctly.

Or did I?

I have evidently entered myself into the service of the Goblin King, charged to complete some deadly errand or quest that I didn’t even hear him explain.  But I have no doubt that, whatever it is, I will be able to carry it out; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

14 Comments on “In The Hall Of The Goblin King

  1. Hell yes, David Bowie! Holy Crap, that was hilarious! Good to see Mr. Torrance getting some screen time.


  2. for a second there, i thought dennis was going to eat those eyeballs. soooo glad he didn’t do that.

    Jim says: Nah, that’s more the sort of thing that would happen on my other blog … 😉


  3. Oh Dennis you are so brave. When you get out of the labyrinth do you wanna come over my house? wink wink

    Meja the Sharpei puppy


  4. Dennis I thinks I must behaving a bad day a cause Momma just burst out laughing at the 2nd last picture.. for some reason your nose reminds her of a butt! I can not see this.. but well I think I’ll be taking Momma back to bed now!
    She must have been all excited from seeing the goblin king. 😛



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