mister oblivius

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may be awayr of my brother tucker likes to sit and suk on his fleesey toyz and kneed them with his feets and wen he duz that mama and dada say he has gawn to his happy playse ware he is compleetly unaware of his serrowndings why just the other day owr televizhun wuz invayded by an army of vogons and he didnt even notiss:

wen tucker luks at a fleese stuffie he duznt see that it is evil and needs to be destroyd he seez this:

come on tucker its not verry dignified to sit their sucking on a stuffie in that fashun like yoo think yoo mite git milk owt of it or sumthing!!!!  so reely wen i destroy stuffiez i am only trying to help tucker brake his sucky man habbit after all he is a big boy and shudnt need a passifier ennymore rite???  ok bye

28 thoughts on “mister oblivius

  1. Alas, we have no toy suckers here — they dismantle them, chew up their little squeeky hearts, throw the fuzz all over the house, and carry the carcasses around. It would greatly reduce the drain on the family budget if they just sucked on them. I don’t even care if it looks a little weird. I periodically wash the carcasses and put them back in the toybox.


  2. Dennis may we add you to our fav fur blogs list so we can see what adventures you are up to?

    Dennis says: hello addie of korse yoo can!!! ok bye


  3. Tucker… you is… doing what to the stuffy? Um well ok if you likes doing. Jest be shore to tear it to pieces afterwards okay? You must always tell that stuffy who is boss. Im not too shore sucking on it is the same as telling it who is boss.

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Oh my goodness! It could be worse though… When Misty was a puppy and went to live with her Aunt Georgina she started to suck on her! In fact she sucked on her so much and for so long that poor Georgina came into milk even though she’d never had any puppies of her own. This went on until Misty was 7 yrs old and took a lot of patience to break the habit. Poor Georgina had to wear a t-shirt for months! 😉


  5. Tucker, I don’t know how to tell you this. Dennis is right. He’s just trying to protect you. Someone has pulled the wool (or in this case, the fleece) over your eyes and you can’t even see what’s going on. When you look up “fleeced” in the dictionary, it has your name all over it. –verb: to deprive of money, belongings, or DIGNITY by means of trickery. See: Tucker, the Vizsla fleeced of all pride and dignity by a mere fleecy toy.
    Toys are meant to be destroyed. Don’t worry, Dada will buy you more.

    Behr Behr, the shred meister



  6. That is so beyond adorable!!!
    Do you buy him stuffies with that in mind? 🙂

    Jim says: Yes, we always make sure he has a steady supply of fleece stuffies, especially now that Dennis goes around destroying them …


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