the investigayshun continyooz

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may rekall a wile bak i discoverd evidense that dada consorts with hedjhogs and sinse then i hav ben attempting to confirm or disproov this connekshun so far i hav not fownd anything conkloosiv eether way however i did discuver this on the shelf in the corner of the compyooter rum:

yes thats rite heer in this little shelf we hav the verry saym hedjhog wot yoozd to be on the drobo and we hav a small and angry luking alien and then behind them we hav sum thing on the rite wot i dont no wot it is but the thing on the left is kleerly sum sort of rodent idol!!!  it luks a littel thredbare so obviusly it is sumthing wot dada handeld offen so kleerly this hole display areea is sum sort of tempul and the hedjhog is akkorded kwite a playse of onner!!!  to mayk matterz wurse i hav discuverd the following pikcher wot shows how happy dada wuz wen the smal hedjhog icon wuz returnd to him:

so i dont no it is not luking gud for dada not beeing sum sort of ninja hedjhog minyun my investigayshun wil continyoo but for now i am going to be keeping an eye on yoo dada!!!  ok bye

21 thoughts on “the investigayshun continyooz

  1. Dear Destruct-o-dog,

    Methinks your father person has a serious obsession with spiky things-to wit: the spikes on the hedgecreepie and those spikes on the alien’s headwear. (You make me SO angry!-in Marvin the Martian-speak) I suggest you direct your investigations toward that angle and perhaps you will see progress.

    Of course, you could just abscond with the whole collection and render them into postage-stamp sized bits. Sometimes tearing down the temple breaks the hold!


  2. Oh NOES I very much hope it is not as you think… I would be hated to be scared-ed of my Dadda 😦
    You must put everything into this investigation Dennis! 🙂



  3. Happy WROO year, Dennis! (and Tucker and Trixie!)

    This is terrible news. Your very own Dad, a hedjhog minyun? You must destroy the temple! It may not be too late to save your Dad!

    Brown dog good luck,


  4. My mom says her brother had the same koala bear when he was little. I don’t know what a koala bear is, but it sounds dangerous. Be careful, Dennis!

    Many kisses,


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