the plot thikkins!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel my investigayshun into dadas ties to the ninja hedjhogs has tayken an ominus tern as i hav diskuverd yet more pikchers of him consorting with them in varyus playses check it owt:

first we see dada having a late nite owt at the diner with a hedjhog frend wot evidently finds him kwite boring

nekst is dada attending sum sort of ninja hedjhog sporting event

oh the horror!!!!  this fotografik evidense is in … inkont … inkontrovert … wel ennyway just luk at the pikchers!!!  shoorly this proovs that dada is a ninja hedjhog simpathizer after all no wun cud be enuf of an evil jeenyus to fayk them rite???  what to do what to do oh deer me ok bye

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16 thoughts on “the plot thikkins!!!

  1. there is NO WAY these pictures have been doctored. just look at the pristine condition of teddy’s fur on the back of his head!

    Dennis says: i no!!!! theez ar kleerly all pikchers of things wot akchooally happend!!!


  2. Okay, I’m going to be honest! I don’t know who this teddy guy is to you as I just became your friend, however my Mommy said she had one of those as a child & ended up throwing it in the fireplace as it began to talk on it’s on!(you know you put tapes in them & they read books & what not) Anyway, I don’t think you can trust that teddy! I mean my Mommy had to throw hers in the FIREPLACE! Also I had a hedgehog stuffie, those things are cool! They squeak when you sqeeze em’! So I have a idea! Let’s team up & go squeeze all the hedgehogs your Dada is hanging out with until they SQUEAK! With teach them!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle


  3. Ohh Dennis this is no evidence of wrong doing.. you never know your Dadda might be trying to infiltrate them to help you? Or he could have a prickle fetish and is living his dreams.. hrrrmmm either way I think this calls for more investigations!

    PES: Do you know Momma thinks the little hedgehogs are adorable.. please do not hold this against me! 🙂



  4. That hard-to-spell word, Dennis, is “incontinent”. It’s what you become when you let hedgehogs frighten you suddenly, and what your readers become when they look at this post at 6 a.m. and find your dada and his human-sized hedgehog buddy lounging at the diner counter.


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