the attak of the weerd noyzy masheen wot spits owt meet

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel a straynj boks arrivd at the howse the uther day this is wot it lukd like:

seeing as how i am not so gud at the reeding thing i wuz not shoor eksaktly wot it mite be so i just hung arownd until mama and dada tuk it owt and started luking at the peeses they lukd like this:

it almost luks like a part frum my old ship the gofer broke duznt it???  I think maybe mama and dada ar going to help me repayr it so i can go on more adventchers with my loyal kroo!!!

hay wot ar thoze things sum sort of eksawst diffyoozer playts like a muffler or sumthing???   the gofer broke duznt need a muffler i like it to sownd like a big old harley davidson ha ha

hmmm that must be sum sort of ayr intayk vent so that the gofer broke can operayt underwater i gess

egad wot is that thing?!?!?   oh i see t must be a drill bit so the gofer broke can tunnel thru the erth wow mama and dada yoo reely went all owt for me thanks!!!!  so wen ar yoo going to put it into the gofer broke so i can go pik up the kroo???

ummmmm … wot is that straynj luking baton thingie for???  is it for beeting up unrooly gofers wile eksploring undergrownd???  it luks a littel flimzee for that however the sine for not putting wunz paw in the ayr intayk is an importent sayfty tip so thanks for that wun

hmm why hav they put the drill bit inside the ayr intayk vent???  it wont be abel to drill thru the erth frum inside their!!!  i am starting to git a littel worreed abowt this thing is it wun of trouble the kittys dumsday devises???

luk at that the drill bit is behind the muffler playt how weerd is that???  i dont understand this at all i think mama and dada ar fayling to grasp the basik naytcher of how wun wood drill a tunnel thru the erth hay mama and dada do yoo even no wot the gofer broke is for?????

hey luk its meet!!!!  i luv meet!!!!!  meet meet meet meet!!!!

ummmmm … hay mama why ar yoo stuffing meet into the ayr intayk vent?!  thats not wot its for!!!!  i think wun of us is verry verry confyoozd ….

holy cow that thing is noyzy but ohhhhh luk!!!!!!!  the weerd noyzy masheen spits owt hamberger!!!!  its like madjik or sumthing!!!!  wel i think that meenz it is time for me to eet ha ha ok bye

23 thoughts on “the attak of the weerd noyzy masheen wot spits owt meet

  1. Dennis .. Just imagine the damage that machine could do to the gophers if you ever catch them!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


  2. Chase says, “Our friend Kathy owns a store called K-9 Kitchen and makes fresh food for dogs. She has a giant machine just like that one. She piles in meat, including bone, and apples, and carrots, and it pushes out really good food for dogs. My mom buys the packages and puts them in our freezer for our dinners. Maybe that’s what your Mama and Dada are going to do. You are one lucky Vizsla.”


  3. Dennis
    I think the noise is pwobably wowf the end wesultses.!
    Hope you got a big shawe of that buwgew1

    I hope you enjoyed widing awound on my was nice to stop by youw house and meet you..thank you fow the wawming dwink too
    smoochie kisses


  4. Oh my, oh my, oh my, you can have burglars and sossages without all the krap that the commercial companies put in, awesome!

    Thanks for your purrs! They sounded a bit strange and kept making me laugh, so the med techs kept telling me to stop moving and relax, but hey, they helped me get through, so I’m very grapefruit! Luvzya 🙂 xxx


  5. OH Wow Dennis! We have a monster machine like that at my house. The HF puts a deer in there and a burger comes out… cool is that!


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