A Better Mouse Trap

Moments later …

Later still …

23 Comments on “A Better Mouse Trap

  1. Great post and pics. I’ll put returning on my to do list. Ever use a to do list? Visit http://www.Sandy Says1.wordpress.com for a sure fire method of NOT forgeting to use it. And some laughs!


  2. Dennis, Good that you got the ham. I really like ham, too. I am always trying to get my mom to give me more of it.



  3. Faster than a speeding… umm… mousetrap? Well I guess that could be a sooperhero power. Tucker you are purty fast fer yer age.

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Dennis I can deal with your rodent problem, honestly they’d take one look at what I have to wear to help me stop over grooming and they’d die laughing! Then all the ham would be mine!!! Ok ours?! 😉


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