26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Is It Noon Again Already?

  1. Dennis! You are a lazy bum laying about the bed all day, and under the covers too! Move over and make some room for me, my nose and toes are cold!! … You friend, Clover!

    Dude! It is so cold here today that I am going to hold it until I burst or at least until it gets a little warmer. Blankets are wonderful things! Your friend, Coz.


  2. Well Mummy sez noon in Californya is ten here and thats when we got up today! Nice! I am a bit jellus bout yer bed which is cleerly nicer than mine.

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Haha! Hello Dennis the Vizsla. We are some Beagles from Scotland. We saw your picture when you left a comment on some blogs and thought you looked like a bit of a funny guy….well, when we got to your page we found out we was right! We’re feeling your pain at how quick noon comes around and your picture made us laugh 😀
    Slobbers xx


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